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I've been a bad bad girl.
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Currently my attention span is about nil. I've tried reading, knitting, watching tv and I'm zoning out after a few minutes. This cold has me completely wiped. And yes, it's a cold not the flu despite feeling like I'm no death's doorstep. I got up this morning around 10 and took a shower. I was so wiped out after that I had to lay down. Ronette was nice and set up a pot of tea for me before she left for work. And I'm really thinking that I should step back from the computer because I'll probably ramble on about random bits of information forever. See, what did I tell you. I'm already doing it. Shutting up now.
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Did I tell you guys that I was making my own cheese? We went to a cheesemaking workshop through Seattle Free School. Which meant that we had to go to the brew store to buy cheesemaking supplies. We haven't tackled anything more difficult than chevre but I'm thinking feta is the next step up.
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OK, new computer and trying to move things over which is the reason for my absence lately. Other things to post, but I have things I have to do before 3, so I will be back. I just realized what time it was.
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I'm posting the supperclub blog because there are some fantastic recipes

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Oh man, am I tired today. Pork was done around 4, Ronette came home and we headed over to Julija's by 5. I'd also like to point out that I hate 5 o'clock traffic. They talked shop while we pulled the pork. Got the cornbread on, chopped up the collards and was very sad that I couldn't start with some of Chuck's whiskey.

By 11 p.m. 20 pounds of pork was gone. The birthday boy did manage to scrape together enough to take home. That was probably helped out by the fact that everyone was snitching out of the bowl long before we got it on the table.

I really do love Supperclub. It seriously is a nice "dining out" experience. And Julija makes the best pie crust that I think I've ever had.

And on that rambling note, I think it's time to go get some breakfast and finish watching Nancy Drew.
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I've been busy and haven't taken the time to sit here and type a post. I figure I've got enough down time today as I have to tend the oven most of the day. 20 pounds of pork being converted into NC barbecue PacNorthwest style i.e. in the oven and not in a pit.

Oh lord, what have I been up to. We've been so busy that I can't remember half the places we've been. Surprise birthday parties, people over for dinner, planning pumpkin carving and game nights - get the picture. Saturday we started our Write a Novel in 30 days class. The class coincides with NaNoWriMo but we get 10 weeks to work on character development, plot, dialogue and all that fun stuff. And yes, we're signed up for NaNoWriMmo this year. It's been a long time since I've tried my hand at it.

And you know what sucks, going to a wine tasting and not being able to drink. Yeah, not really into the swish and spit method of wine tasting.
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P!nk was amazingly awesome last night. One of the best performances that I've seen. If she's in your area, I highly recommend going. She was originally suppose to be at a smaller venue and 3 weeks ago they moved the show to a larger venue and sold that out. The Ting Tings opened for her. Not a fan. We recognized 2 songs and are 99% sure that she was lipsynching. P!nk on the other hand forgot the lyrics during a song and announced "this is what happens when you don't fucking lipsynch".

And now I'm up at 5 a.m. because I am taking my friend Shane to the airport. He's leaving for Spain. And I am the kind soul who is driving him to the plane. Kudos to me. Hopefully we will be heading out ASAP, but he's dawdling.
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I appreciate the fact that Ronette and I can have a complete conversation that does not include any complete sentences. For example, I went to the library yesterday to pick up a couple of movies that were ready from my hold list - Paul Blart Mall Cop and Taken. I get home and Ronette wanted to know what we had but we couldn't remember what Taken was about so this is our conversation . . .

R - Taken . . .
Me - I don't . . . (flipping over the dvd case)
R - who?
Me - Liam
R - Oh
Both - The one under the bed

Oh well, it was funny yesterday. Guess you had to be there.
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I am tired and hungry and must go take a shower.
Can someone please take a nap, grab a snack and bathe for me? Please.
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Oh! Best thing I saw today while at the library. Walked out behind a mother with her 2 children and I noticed that the walking child had his stuffed monkey in a baby sling. It was too cute. And obviously made just for him.
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I think today I can actually get a bit of relaxing in or down time as the case may be. The few things that are left of the deck - like finishing the last set of steps - is a 2 person job. I do have to head over to Molbaks and buy the planters that will be used to finish off the deck and the wide steps. I'll probably clean up and put away the tools we no longer need as well. And maybe even try to push the grill out of the kitchen and back onto the deck where it belongs. And I can't think straight. So I'm going to go ahead and head over to Molbaks, then return so I can take a midmorning nap.
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I am sooooo tired. Redoing a deck is hard work.
My body is so tired, it keeps telling me "I'm done! Stop! Stop!"
Alas, I still have to attach the bench tops to the bench brackets. However, first I'll head over to Molbaks to check out their planter boxes.
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Puget Sound Weather Outlook

Updated Wednesday 6:15 a.m.

Today we will make weather history. Whether you've lived here for 3 months, 3 years, 30 years, even 70 years... today will be the hottest day you've ever experienced in Seattle. Our forecast for this afternoon is 101 degrees. That'll break the all-time record high, which is 100 degrees (set 15 years ago in July 1994).

First, we will set a record this morning for the warmest "night" ever. Lows will likely stay in the 71-72 degree range, and we've never had a day where we didn't fall below 70 degrees. That will change after today.

So -- stay safe and stay cool today -- and go do something fun... as you'll likely remember this day for many decades to come!

(Extended forecast from Scott Sistek) No real relief Wednesday night and Thursday, which could also work to once again set or tie both the nighttime and daytime temperature records. Forecast models show an ever so slight cooling of the atmosphere Thursday -- enough to lop off a degree or two, but good luck noticing. We're going with a high of 99 for Seattle, but plenty of 100s still dotting the eastern and southern landscape.

The winds of change start to blow on Friday. Models show the thermal trough ekeing east into Eastern Washington. Normally that would bring in a rush of marine air, but not this time as the ridge is too strong. What it should do is at least allow a trickle of cooler air in -- closer to what we have seen in the days and weeks leading up to the heat wave - that should give us 10 degrees of cooling!!! Of course, that's still the low 90s. But at least Thursday night's low should be farther down into the low-mid 60s.

With the slight marine flow, that does mean the coast returns as a suitable place to escape the heat Friday and this weekend as they should drop back into the 70s.

Now, we're still having trouble finding when the heat wave is completely vanquished. With the ridge of high pressure still entrenched and stuck between a low in northeastern Canada and another off the California coast, we're just not getting the dynamics to generate that big push of marine air. In fact, some models hint at reenergizing the heat Sunday into early next week, although more 90ish than 100ish. We're still leaning cooler due to the fact that this can't go forever, but we might need to raise those temperatures next week a bit.

(Remember, the 1977 heat wave went 18 days at 79 or hotter, with 13 at 85+). Models seem in finally indicate a get-us-back-to-the-70s push the middle of next week. Let's hope they're late.
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I really do want to post more today, but it's too hot to stay upstairs and the computer is too heavy to move downstairs. I really need a laptop. Library maybe and then I'll post while I have access to A/C-ed computers. Until then, I'm camping out downstairs with a book.


Jul. 29th, 2009 09:15 am
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What part of "I live in the Pacific Northwest" does the weather not understand.
High today should be 104.
That sucks without A/C.
I'll be living downstairs today until I go to suck up A/C from the library.

The 10 day forecast for Redmond
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I am a really good friend.
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I love Facebook drama. *giggles hysterically*
But mostly I love reconnecting with people that I was BFFs with in high school and remember so much about them that I'm not sure if they graduated with me.
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Obviously, I'm not a happy camper. Listening to CNN and the decision making process. California is suppose to be the cool kid that does things before everyone else. Ack! Now all the other states are going to have stupid Prop 8 type things to vote on. The only good part in this is that the Supreme Court did not invalidate the 18,000 marriages that were performed while same-sex marriage was still legal.


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