Mar. 31st, 2009 10:32 am
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There are some days that kicking appliances is a good thing. Last night I decided to clean out the fridge. Really clean it out - everything removed, everything scrubbed down, not just a quick swipe of the shelves. And it didn't occur to me while I had the door open that the motor was not running. Then I started on the freezer and realized that I had a lot of semi-frozen stuff. Not cool, especially since I just went grocery shopping. Thought maybe the door hadn't sealed well or something, the freezer was packed with stuff just thrown in. One of the reasons for cleaning out the freezer last night. Got everything put back in and this is when I realize that the motor is not running. Now I'm using dirty words because I don't want to buy a new fridge this week and the fridge can't be more than 5 years old. Ronette and I pulled it out of it's cubby hole. Unplugged it and replugged it in. No sound.

I've gotten ice this morning and filled the cooler with ice & food. I'm sure I'll have to start cooking some of this stuff that is defrosting. Ronette called for an appliance repair person to come out this afternoon. Strangely enough the motor is humming along right now. So we'll see what happens. Sadly I'm hoping that the appliance person says there is nothing wrong with the fridge. But just in case . . .
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This is your friendly reminder that we lose a fucking hour at 3 a.m. on March 9th.
Stupid daylight savings.
Saves me nothing.
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I don't know when my mother got to be so frickin' conservative, but if she sends me any more crap about how horrible Hillary is and how great Bush is I'm going to go find a new mother.
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If you ask me what level of participation I would choose, then you, dear Mr. Phone Solicitor, are definitely calling me to request a monetary donation.
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I had to replace the Airport Extreme that I bought with my G4 iMac in 2004. This also meant that I had to upgrade the OS. Everything works fine connecting wirelessly to the internet from the Mac, printing from the Mac, etc. No problems, until the PC operating on Windows Vista comes into the house and tries to connect into the network. It will connect for about 2 minutes then it takes everything offline - Airport doesn't communicate to the modem, the Mac can't see the Airport or if it does see the Airport the Mac reports the Airport as being "out of range". We spent about 2 hours on the phone with Apple Support trying to fix this, but nothing worked. The longest connection was taking the security off the Airport (not a good option). However that gave us an extra 2 minutes of connection time. Tried changing channels, moved the airport around the room, removed the phone from the room to see if that was causing the problem, Ronette turned off her exchange server connection, you name it I think we've tried just about everything. And the Apple support tech was a bit floored that he didn't have a simple answer. Ronette is going to update wireless drivers on her computer and we'll test all the options again. However, if anyone else has seen this problem or has a potential solution that we haven't hit upon yet. I figured I'd ask around before I have to go through an Apple tech having me reset the Airport for the 100th time.
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Come on! It is soooooo obvious that y'all are stupid and don't know how to pull a decent scam. If you're going to try to phish me into your scheme at least use the correct email address. And secondly don't send me an eBay dispute from May 13, 2007 for a dispute opened on May 10, 2007 for an item that didn't have an end date until May 18, 2007. Hello? Stupid much? The only people out there who have less sense than y'all are the people who would fall for that crap.


Oct. 5th, 2007 04:30 pm
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I'm going to serve up some fried puppito.
I lost my internet today because of pain in my tushy.
Missy decided that chewing through the power supply cord to my Airport was a good thing.
Completely killed my network.
Finally got the ethernet to connect. Not sure what that was all about, I kept getting a nasty message that said I didn't have permission from the ISP. Then all of a sudden it works.
Now I have to figure out where to find an extra 5.1 V power cord. I had decided that I was just going to buy a new Airport, but I'm not shelling out $200 when mine will work if it has power.
Good thing puppies are cute.
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I guess that means you [ profile] ajayne since I know you use

So when you have a book that is requested and the requestor has conditions for accepting the book, do you a) really want to get rid of the book, so make sure that your book definitely meets the requestor's conditions or b) figure that someone else will request the book without conditions so save it for later?

I guess I'm a bit annoyed because I've posted 8 books this week that were all on someone's wishlist. Which is nice because I know that the book isn't going to sit around here. But about half of the requests had weird ass restrictions. The non-smoking, non-cat/dog/pet, non-library request I understand. Those can be serious issues for some people. And other things like dirty books and torn covers, I understand. However, I'd like for the people who use those restrictions to be a little nicer in their words. They're a bit hostile. But I had one this week that was "no books that look previously read". Ummm, hello, this is a book swapping community. And today was the "I don't accept books from smoking or pet homes." - OK - "Nor do I accept books". For some reason today, that last line ticked me off. I would hope that most people wouldn't send out books that they wouldn't want to get. Anyway, I guess I'm complaining to complain.
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Especially when I'm home alone and up all freakin' night.
I have a complaint though as I sit here and watch the next Pussycat Doll show.
I don't care how skinny you are or how great you think your butt looks in those "I know you wax" low-rise jeans, I don't want to see your butt crack.
It's not a very appealing part of the body for me and I just think plumber's butt.

Which reminds me of sitting through a contractor's meeting and being distracted because I couldn't help but notice that the girl beside me had her entire butt hanging out the back of her pants. The worst part was that even though she was pulling her shirt down every five seconds, it wasn't long enough to cover all that was hanging out. Including the Superman tattoo at the top of her crack.

Sorry, I just had to relate.
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Because the United States Postal Service SUCKS.

We moved in November. We signed up for the nifty Premium Forwarding Service. We never got mail. Our realtor found our mail shoved through the mail slot or tossed on the back porch. She was very kind and sent it to us twice until I put a hold on all the mail. In the meantime, we have called the Berkeley post 27 billion times and gone to the Redmond post for them to help us out and calling the USPS 800 number gets you no where except on hold with the Berkeley post office.

In January when we were in San Francisco, we went to the post office and basically ended up pitching a fit because they couldn't find and had no idea where to find two months worth of our mail. Thank goodness for the internet, at least I could go online and check to make sure no one was owed anything.

Yesterday, I got not one, not two but SEVEN!!!! packages from the Berkeley post office. And part of the mail isn't even ours. It belongs to the people who bought the house! Really sad was the box of Harry & David pears that had been sitting so long at the post office they had rotted in the box AND they were for the new owners. And somehow we also ended up with a good portion of an outgoing mail bag. Yep, hope there weren't any checks to pay bills in that stack. So I'm going to go drop all that stuff back in the mail slot so it can go on it's way to where it was suppose to go.

So great going USPS. Glad that you deliver in rain, sleet, snow and ice but you can't seem to get things where they're meant to go any other time.
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House in escrow. Woo Hoo! We close January 5th. Woo Hoo!

Now if we can just get the post office to deliver our mail here and not there. Our realtor discovered a mail tub full of our mail sitting on the back porch. The US Postal Service sucks.

We've been house hunting today. Found one that we really thought about putting a bid on until our realtor called and the sellers had just accepted another bid. *sigh* It was a really good house too. Oh well, if it's meant to be the current deal will fall through on it.

And now for those with dirty minds.
Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Ophelia Cox
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So I think I need to buy the dog a set of rain boots because walking around this apartment complex is like trudging through the swamp. His poor little paws soak up so much water.

What is the point of having a garbage disposal that will only grind soft things like carrots?

And what is the point of having a dishwasher if you have to prewash all the dishes before you put them in? Not just scraping off the bits and scraps of food, but literally rinsing them clean of anything that could make the water dirty.

Which goes back to the garbage disposal thing because you can't scrape the bits and scraps of food into it unless it's soft stuff like carrots. And no, it was never clarified whether the carrots could be raw or had to be cooked.

Why are the temporary housing people so incompetent? And why don't they communicate with each other? And if my internet is not working, why do you send me an email asking me to leave the modem for someone to pick up?

Also, why don't you tell the guy who is set to pick up the modem that he doesn't have to pick it up any longer. And why wait 5 hours to call me after I've left you the "this is unacceptable" message? Espcially when I already know that the cable issue is fixed because I fixed it.

And my lights are flickering and I've just realized that I don't have any candles to light if the power goes out.

Luckily I have my dog walking flashlight to use.

And I'm hungry. I want McDonalds. I never want McDonalds. But right now I do.

And I'm going to turn off the computer for a while since the lights keep flickering.
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Right now I'm not liking the US Postal Service. They suck.
Instead of doing a change of address, we went with USPS "premium forwarding service" which means they hold all of our mail for a week and then send it all in one big box. Yeah, it's been three weeks and mail is still going to the Berkeley house. At least the realtor was nice enough to box everything up for us and send it our way.

Being in this apartment sucks.
Having to be moved from apartment 1 to apartment 2 sucks.
Same problem with mail being sent to apartment 1 instead of apartment 2. And the lovely post person who delivers mail at apartment 1 has returned all of our mail back to sender. And even though I've diligently changed my delivery address for things like Netflix and paperbackswap, I still can't get my mail because the frickin key doesn't work in the mailbox.

And I'm just plain ol' annoyed and pissed off which isn't a good way to be this time of year or any time of year. So I'm going to go throw myself a pity party while I think of reasons to be glad.
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Finding a dress to wear to the two weddings in July is going to be a pain in the butt, isn't it?

I found the style of dress I want. Just not a color or print that I like.

I don't want to have to make one.
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I think I need one.
I seem to make comments that, I guess, others think I really am serious. Thus feeling the need to comment back to me why they think my comment is fucked up flawed.
Oh, these are non-friends list people, so before anyone starts thinking "what did I say?", it's none of you.

I am known for this kind of stuff. I do it all the time. I can and will tell you anything with a straight face and not mean a word of it. OK, that sounds bad because I don't make a habit of telling lies.1 For example, I have a friend Kim who had pink hair all during college. We were in a pottery shop at the flea market when the shop owner started commenting on Kim's hair. She asked if it was her natural color. OK, we should all know that pink hair doesn't come naturally. But I couldn't resist and stated without an ounce of laughter "it is, isn't it great?" So yeah, I make remarks that should just be taken in jest. Now I've got to go find a good icon that makes that statement loud and clear.

1Cindy the Liar made life difficult for our little group of mutual friends. Many of us survived Cindy the Liar, but it is still a sore subject as we figure out 20 years down the road all the shit she said about us, to us and for us.
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Let's bitch about bras today.
Do bra manufacturers really think about what they are doing when they design a bra?

It's almost like they make a model for an A or B cup, then think adding more material will work fine for larger cup sizes. What works for A/B doesn't work for C/D/DD/and up.

So you go out and buy a new bra. First, you shell out a lot of money for a single bra. The last bra I bought was about $40 with tax and that sucker was on sale. Even the really ugly bras are not that cheap. Now I'm sure there are women out there who would say that buying bras at Wal-mart or Target is an excellent idea. I'm not knocking that as a choice. I think if I had smaller breasts, I would probably do that. As it is every bra that I've ever tried from one of the mentioned stores has gone into the trash heap after a couple of wears because if it ain't comfortable, I'm not going to wear it.

Now that you've spent money on a bra after trying it on in the store, you take it home, cut off the tags and prepare to wear it. After a couple of hours, you realize that a wire is digging into your underarm or ribcage. Discreetly adjusting the problem works for a while. Later on you realize that the other underwire is doing the same thing and you can't wait to get home so that you can take the damn thing off. You try wearing the bra a few more times, you experience the same problems, finally you give up by tossing the new bra and going back to the old bra that you luckily hadn't given up yet just in case.

Other problems include the shoulder straps that don't stay adjusted, shoulder straps that are set wide enough apart for a line backer, shoulder straps that are wide enough to create the illusion of shoulder pads, the middle section of the bra front that is wide enough to be used as a bullet proof vest, and the hooks that bend out of place for no apparent reason.

Now, if bra stores offered a money-back guarantee, it might make things better. Then you could return a bra even after wearing it a few times. Even better would be a test-drive option for bras. Pick out a few styles, try them out for a week, return what didn't work and buy what you liked.

And what's up with the injection-molded-padded-push-up bras for large cup sizes? It doesn't really do anything except give your boobs a place to jiggle around in. Kind of like wearing a breast plate.

One day I'll invent the perfect bra and save womankind from the torture devices that exist on the market today. Until then, I'll suffer along with everyone else. Hell, I live in Berkeley, I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to. I think I'll have a little bonfire tonight.
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Is it really this hard to actually purchase something from a store?

RTL and I went to Target on Saturday to buy huge pots for the citrus trees we bought. On a "let's go check out the garden center" fluke, RTL discovered some patio furniture that she really liked. So we asked whether they had 2 red chairs in stock and that we would like to buy them if they did. The very nice girl in the garden center calls the stockroom to find out the answer. Twenty minutes later still no word from the stockroom. Wait, that should be that the stockroom never answered the phone or any of the pages. She apologized profusely and got a manager to search the system for it. (Something was wrong with the garden center computer.) The manager can't find any at the current location but says that the other two reasonably close Targets have them in stock. So she calls one of the Targets and is told that their garden center closed at 5 p.m. She's a little dumbfounded because her clock said that it wasn't quite 5 and even comments that 5 is a little early to close the garden center. She gives us all the information we need and we go home.

Monday, I decided to make a short jaunt to the El Cerrito Target. Because I missed the huge garden center sign outside I go in and venture toward the area where the outdoor furniture is displayed. I don't see the chairs so I ask. The answer I got consisted of a lot of "ummms" and "I don't think we have that". No one ever mentioned there was an outdoor garden center to me. So I leave. As I'm driving past I see the huge garden center sign pointing me towards the side of Target. Ah Ha! I turn around and follow the arrow to the garden center entrance. Gates closed and locked. Sign says that they should be open, but the lights are off and I don't see a single person. I think to myself "maybe I missed the entrance in the store." After checking out the very solid wall, I finally go to the guest service desk. OK, so I could have saved myself a lot of running around and frustration if that is where I had started, but I was on a small adventure at that point. I ask the guest service person if there was a particular reason why the garden center was closed or if I had missed the entrance. She leans around me to look out the front doors. I say "yes, it's raining." She says "the person who works out there doesn't like it when it rains so she closes the garden center." I pull out my description with item numbers and say that maybe she can help me, that I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and had the item number and everything. She picks up the phone and calls someone, turns aways so I can't hear whatever she says, then walks off around the corner. She returns to tell me that "no, the garden center won't be opened again". And I, trying not to start screaming at her, ask "and you can't be anymore helpful than that?" She replied with a big fat "no". Inner Dana is saying "oh no she didn't", Outer Dana says "I'd like to speak to a manager". "There isn't one available." Inner Dana was planning serious bodily harm to this woman, I think I may still be planning some bodily harm. This is the point where I gave up, not because I was giving in but because I couldn't take her anymore. Now the question is do I brave it out and give Target some of my hard earned money or do I try and find similar chairs somewhere else and send Target a letter explaining why their sales revenue could have been higher. I'm thinking that the writing a letter might be good either way.
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It is approximately 6:30 p.m. here. I literally just put out two bags of recycling for tomorrow morning. I went inside to get the rest of the garbage and *poof* the bag with the plastic and metal is gone. I have been fighting the case of the mysteriously disappearing recycle bags for months. It bothers me because I know my recycling keeps my property taxes down. Since I pay almost $10,000 in frickin' property tax each year, I would like to keep them as low as possible. OK, yeah, I could move somewhere that houses and property tax weren't so ridiculously high, but I live here now. This stealing of the recycling probably wouldn't bother me if it was one of the many homeless people that walk by everyday. No, this is not. This is a couple who drive up and down the block every week and take ALL of the recycling that has been put out. They come around the evening before and come back 6:30-ish in the morning after the garbage people have come by. I know they are collecting to take everything to the recycle place and get cash. I could do that too. It just seems unfair to load up their huge truck and redeem bottles and cans for cash. It would take me months before I had enough to make the trip worthwhile. Lately, I've taken to camping on the front porch on Fridays waiting for the recycling truck. That's really petty of me. I didn't want to it tomorrow. Apparently they made two rounds tonight. That's fine, I still have a bag of the really good stuff waiting for tomorrow morning.
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OK, so I'm really not blind as a bat (plus I don't have that fantastic radar system to get around), but I faced it a long time ago that without something to correct my vision I can't see squat. I'm also fortunate enough to have vision coverage with my health insurance. Theorectically that should make going to the eye doctor and getting glasses cheaper, but I'm not convinced. Now it is my fault that I waited until the end of the year to go see the eye doc along with everyone else who went before their 2005 benefits ran out. I don't think that should make a difference in making my life hell just to get a new pair of glasses.

First, I had to see a new doctor. That's fine, I've got going to the eye doc down pat. I must say that I was quite excited to have a digital scan (or whatever it is) of my eyes and not the glaucoma puff test. I wasn't thrilled with the doctor, but when you must see "in-network" you have to deal with it. That was the end of December. Jump forward to the second week of January when my glasses were finally ready. I put them on and look around. I feel like I've been drinking for a couple of days straight. I've had enough new glasses to know something ain't quite right. He says that I'm sensitive to the prisms. I don't think so. He gives me a hard time because I'm not willing to try the prisms for a while. I'm about to break down in tears and he gives me the fine, I'll send them back and have the prisms taken out.

So my glasses were ready again today. I can see this time, but the room is still moving. I don't think this should be happening. If anybody else can explain to me that this might be normal, please explain away. He does a bunch of stuff to prove to me that the prescription should be fine. OK, but the room shouldn't be moving if I'm standing still. So he re-measures my eye position and that's off, so he has agreed to send them back again. Which means it will be the end of February before I might get my new glasses. I've never had to wait 2 months for new glasses. I've also never had glasses that I couldn't wear. And I'm pissed off and want to bitch. Tomorrow I'm going to call customer service and find out what I can do if they still aren't right when I get them back.
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Five minutes after entering an actual store, I know why people shop online.
Add the unorganization of Toys R Us and parents who are Christmas shopping and don't care that they have just dumped a shelf load of toys into the floor, what you get is chaos and one ticked off Dana who uses really bad words.

I couldn't help it. I actually saw one woman cover her child's ears. I knew the three things I wanted to buy. I found two of them. I asked about the last one and the response I got was "I don't know. I've never heard of it." It's been advertised all over the place and he had never heard of it.

I would have rather shopped online. The problem - all the things I was looking for were only available in the store.

So now my problem is that I need a gift for a 9 year old girl. Barbies are out so now I'm stumped. I think it's going to be clothes again, unless anyone else has any suggestions.


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