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Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Only 17 more days until Halloween!!!

Belated birthday wishes to KP and Dave.
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Prom was a blast for the outfits that people dug up. I would have thought that the music would have been better but too many DJ's . . . Yeah, I think we listened to You give love a bad name at least three times.

I'm posting the pictures that I have. Audra's camera and our camera died at prom and no one had batteries to continue the merry photo snapping. There are actually more than 6 pics, but I picked out the best ones. I don't want anyone to have to poke their eyes out at all the atrocities. Most of the dresses pictured were revived from Audra's cousin's attic.

Here they are )
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So tonight is the prom-themed birthday party and I thought that I would post a picture of my dress for all ya'll to see.

Isn't it just dreamy? Ten bucks, baby! Goodwill is my friend. Too bad my prom dresses ended up back at my parent's house when we moved from Virginia. That would have been awesome. And probably would have fit in all the places that this dress doesn't exactly fit. Oh well, nothing that the sewing machine won't fix. I cut off the sleeves. I decided that I would die of heat with them long.

I bought the requisite blue eye shadow yesterday for that perfect 80's look. Blue mascara too! I plan to give my curls a little boost with the spiral curling iron so the hair looks permed. It's going to be great. I should have bought some Aquanet just for that just-hardened hair smell. I think I should send Ronette to Safeway for a couple of wrist corsages.

If ya'll are lucky, I'll post pictures of the event. Me, I'm just hoping to get lucky. *ha ha*
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I'm going to miss The Mermaid Parade this year.
I'm so sad.
I love The Mermaid Parade.
I love Coney Island.
I want to go.
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Better known as the Summer Solstice. Technically, the first offical day of summer, where the sun rises and sets at its most northern point. This will also be the longest day of the year. It also may be my second favorite day of the year.

Now for a little Pagan education.

Litha marks midsummer or the midpoint between Beltane and Lughnassadh. The Celtic celebration of this day is the Oak Festival.

Litha celebrates the height of the sun's power and the abundance of summer. Everything is alive and growing towards harvest. However, we must remember that what goes up, must come down.

In the past to celebrate this day, fires were lit for purification, protection and in the hope that the sun could be kept powerful for long enough to ensure a good harvest. People would leap over these fires in the belief that the crops would grow as high as they could jump. Drumming, dancing and singing were common, making this festival a noisy and social time. The full moon in June is known as the Mead or Honey Moon, and mead is a traditional drink for Litha, just as June is a popular time for weddings and hence honeymoons.

Litha is a time to consolidate your strengths and clear away negative thoughts and energies. It is a time to be joyful and full of life, while at the same time mindful of the waning of the light from now until Yule.

Everyone have a great Litha day!
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I love my daddy.
He's the best.

I'll do a weekend update later. I just wanted to appreciate my dad some more.


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