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So I think I need to buy the dog a set of rain boots because walking around this apartment complex is like trudging through the swamp. His poor little paws soak up so much water.

What is the point of having a garbage disposal that will only grind soft things like carrots?

And what is the point of having a dishwasher if you have to prewash all the dishes before you put them in? Not just scraping off the bits and scraps of food, but literally rinsing them clean of anything that could make the water dirty.

Which goes back to the garbage disposal thing because you can't scrape the bits and scraps of food into it unless it's soft stuff like carrots. And no, it was never clarified whether the carrots could be raw or had to be cooked.

Why are the temporary housing people so incompetent? And why don't they communicate with each other? And if my internet is not working, why do you send me an email asking me to leave the modem for someone to pick up?

Also, why don't you tell the guy who is set to pick up the modem that he doesn't have to pick it up any longer. And why wait 5 hours to call me after I've left you the "this is unacceptable" message? Espcially when I already know that the cable issue is fixed because I fixed it.

And my lights are flickering and I've just realized that I don't have any candles to light if the power goes out.

Luckily I have my dog walking flashlight to use.

And I'm hungry. I want McDonalds. I never want McDonalds. But right now I do.

And I'm going to turn off the computer for a while since the lights keep flickering.
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Dexter must go through a phase once a year that makes him impossible to live with because the time is now upon us. I believe that this is made worse by the fact that the people at the kennel LOVE him and he gets special privileges. "He's so well behaved" they tell me. Right now I wish that was true because if I have to go hunt him down to find him in mischief again, he's going to be sleeping outside for a very long time.
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Last week, he went through RTL's workbag and ate anything and everything paper related.
This week, well today specifically, he pulled everything out of the recycling bag and has shredded it across the kitchen.
I don't know how much he consumed.
I was gone less than 30 minutes.
He was dead asleep when I left.
I was really nice and didn't put him on the back porch.
I didn't want him to suffer with the rain.
I'm going to kill him to put myself out of my misery. OK, I'm really not, but I'd like to right about now.
What makes it worse is that it is raining, which means he will refuse to leave the backporch when put outside, which means he will get constipated, which means he will have seizures, which means I'll be babysitting at 3 a.m. because for some reason that is the exact time that he likes to have seizures and then I'll be a cranky girl because I didn't get all of my beauty sleep.
Any ideas? Anyone? Prevention suggestions? Early taxidermy maybe?
This hasn't been a problem since he was a puppy. All of a sudden in the past year or so, he has started again. I can't figure out what his deal is. He has toys to play with, daily walks, a soft cushy bed, food, and treats. He isn't beaten or left out in the cold rain, but he's about to be relegated to a bathroom when it's too icky to be outside.
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The holidays are doing me in. I completely understand why my dad wanted to cancel Christmas every year. I am sick of shopping. I am tired of trying to find an inspired gift or having an inspired gift idea and the item is out of stock and won't be available until January. I think the final straw is the fact that everywhere I go, the holiday spirit is non-existent and people are just plain rude and mean. Today, after coming back from dropping RTL off at the BART, some woman in the car behind me honked at me because I stopped at a stop sign. I'm not sure why the stop sign is there, but it is and it was 8 o'clock in the morning and there are little kids walking to school, so I stopped. And she honked. I stayed at that stop sign an extra few seconds because I'm tired of being bullied by people who are in a hurry.

I know that I personally have done a few things in disregard of others around me. I'm trying to be good and patient. Yet it seems that everyone else isn't trying at all.

And the dog! Either the dog is going to kill me or I'm going to kill the dog. Dexter decided that eating a bag of chocolate chips last night was the thing to do. No lectures on dogs and chocolate not mixing, I still haven't figured out how he got the bag. Not much sleep last night because of him feeling bad. I just wish he could learn his lesson. At least the cat isn't climbing the tree.

I've kicked the dog out of the house for the day. I'm going to clean my house and wash clothes and put myself back into a peaceful state of mind. I need to do a little shopping for RTL's stocking. I'll do that later after I'm regain my peace. And if anybody else is ready to give the holidays the finger, please feel free to rant and steam.

15 days until January 1, 2006
and only 373 days shopping days until Christmas 2006!
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Dog and Cat boarding or sick baby day care. Hell, let's just throw them all in together. I guarantee profit in the first year.

This is why I hate waiting until the last minute to make plans to go places. I can find a place for the cat to stay, but I can't find anywhere within a 50 mile radius for the dog (who needs it the most) to stay. This is ridiculous. No lectures on pre-planning for the holidays. I just can't figure out what someone would do in case of an emergency for finding kennel options for their pets.

Sick baby day care is because we have several friends with relatively new babies who are having issues with sick baby day care. The agencies that do this charge an interview fee, then you pay the person who babysits $16/hour PLUS a fee to the agency for providing the person. Just so that you can go back to work when your baby is still too sick for regular daycare, but not sick enough to need the parent to stay home.

Back to the kennel search.
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I've done most of my last minute errands before I leave.
Went to the drugstore and stocked up on travel items. I love tiny bottles and tubes of everything! It's so much fun.

Dexter has been ready to go to the kennel since this morning. I had to trick the cat out from under the bed. Poor thing thinks she's being abandoned again. I would love to be able to leave her at home by herself, but that's just asking for trouble. It breaks my heart to take them to the kennel though. Dexter loves it because he gets to play. Bella just takes every opportunity to escape. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have kids and need a babysitter. It won't be the kids crying because mommy is leaving, it will be mommy boo-hooing.

And lucky me that I took them to the kennel when I did. I was gone about 40 minutes. When I got back, I started having a little freak out because I thought the tree in front of the house had fallen. Well, a tree did fall, but it was the tree in front of the neighbors house. It fell where I had the car parked earlier! I was thanking my lucky stars that I left when I did because it would have been me and/or the car that got hit instead of the sidewalk.

I need to pack and get my backpack together. I still need to email Patty a few last minute stuff. And I need to check the final nail polish color. I need to make a list.

Busy Day

Sep. 30th, 2005 06:19 pm
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I've finally finished washing all the sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and anything else that wasn't nailed down or too big to fit in the washer.

I also finally figured out where the lint trap is on my washer. I bought one of the washer/dryer combos - more out of space necessity than that's the one I had to have. I really do like it, but for weeks I've been wondering "where does all the lint go?" It can't all go down the drain. It's also a ventless dryer so basically it evaporates the water from your clothes rather than heating them up to dry them out. I read through the manual front to back, even the Spanish section in case I missed something in English. If you take into consideration that my Spanish SUCKS, then you understand that I was grasping at straws.

Today I found the lint catcher thingy. I heard the washer ding ding ding-ing at me that something was wrong. I thought that the load was probably off balance, so I went to go readjust. NO! I had a different error code. I grabbed the useless manual and turned to the error code troubleshooting section - check for bent section of drain hose or clean out drain filter. There's a drain filter? I check the hose - no kink. I flip through the manual to find where to access the drain filter. That's what that little square box on the front is for. I pry it open like it says and voilÄ! the drain filter. I followed the directions and pulled out basically a wad of dog and cat hair. No wonder the drain was clogged. Now that I've found this secret compartment, I will be cleaning it on a regular basis.

I also freaked the bejeebers out of myself cleaning out that filter. When I unscrewed the filter, water came pouring out into the floor. I grabbed a towel to wipe up the mess, wiping under the washer in the process. I pushed a black many legged thing, that looked dead, out from under the edge of the washer. I eeked, left the laundry room to go run around the house "ewwwwwww" ing and to find a shoe to make sure it was dead. You know those little black spider rings that people give out at Halloween? Yes, under the washer is where Bella left this one. She is happily playing with it now. I'm sure I'll wake up in the middle of the night with it dropped into my hand when she decides it time to play fetch.

The dog and I made a much needed trip to the vet. All of his shots are updated and he is legal to be in Berkeley. More importantly he has a place to stay while we're gone. We go to a teaching vet clinic, so Dexter gets to be a teaching dog while we're gone. I think he's excited about this because everybody gives him cookies and kisses.

Other than an exciting trip to the library and a jaunt to get dinner, the rest of my day has been uneventful. I still need to vacuum and mop all the floors. Yuck, housework.
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The dog in his joy of tearing up everything this morning ended up eating RTL's leftover bag of chocolate covered coffee beans! Not good. I didn't find this out until RTL called to tell me that she had made it to JFK and said "Oh, I forgot to pick up zippy of chocolate beans off the table." At least there were only about 5 or 6 in the bag, not the pound of fudge from the last time he had chocolate. He's either going to be the death of me or the death of himself.

I don't know if RTL made it to Madrid or not. She hasn't called as of yet. Although, I don't think her plane lands until 8-ish in Madrid which is midnite-ish here. I'm still trying to come up with a list of things I want her to bring back. Nothing from Spain, I'm still trying to come up with an idea for Germany and I want bulbs from Amsterdam. Hopefully, she'll get a chance to go to Aashmeer for those.
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Actually, it was a parking ticket.

Hmmmm, how do I explain this to the Berkely Police that I can't send them the citation # because my dog thought he would show them exactly what he thought about parking tickets. I still have a small portion of it, but not enough to provide a date or anything.

If it's not toilet paper, it's something else. I should buy fingernail files wholesale at this point. It doesn't matter how diligent I think I've been, he manages to find something. That's when I realize that he has sneaked off to his bed to chew in peace.

I'm going to have to start a touring show of all the things my dog has eaten. I may be regretting that I did not sell him at the yard sale when I had a chance.


Sep. 13th, 2005 11:17 am
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It's cold here today. It was nice and warm yesterday. Blast those artic breezes!

Dexter is curled up in his bed sleeping. I put his sweater on because he was shivering. Bella has found a nest of warm clean clothes. A bit disturbed since I'm cleaning while she gets her beauty sleep.

I did some birthday shopping for the nieces and nephews. Jacob turns two on Friday, so I bought him a Veggie Tales collection of silly songs. DVDs were a suggestion from Grandma. His mom and dad bought a portable dvd player to keep him entertained in the car and in church a few months ago. Apparently, they now realize that his choice of entertainment is not exactly church appropriate. He LOVES The Wiggles, but embarrassing for mom and dad. *aunt giggles helplessly* Thus Veggie Tales will now teach him silly songs to sing in church. Britt turns nine today, so a gift certificate was in order so she can go pick out what she wants. So many birthdays in September. Mom Patty is going down under. I should send a card to Christy at least. I still need to find something fun and exciting for my brother. And I think we are probably going to put together a box of Slim Jim's, Kool Aid and goodies for RTL's brother.

Which leads me to another question, what is dry body wash? I know what dry shampoo is, but I've never heard of dry body wash. If anyone has an idea, please clue me in so I know what to look for.

I am cleaning house today. I can't stand the mess anymore. Too many projects and not enough time. I'd love to hire someone to come clean the house top to bottom just once. RTL asked me last night if I would be ready if Martha showed up at the door unexpectedly. Any other day, i'd be ready, but obviously not today.

Off to scrub.
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Here's the glowing review so you'll want him.

Eleven year old blonde male cocker spaniel.
He is still a real boy.
Extremely sweet, extremely blonde, and enjoys sleeping most of the day away.
Does not bark unless provoked by doorbell or vacuum. Does provide bigger bark than his size.
Does not bite or growl, fairly complacent with whatever lemons life hands him like baths and medication.
Dexter doesn't have the normal cocker issues except for seizures.
Note to new owner - medication must be wrapped with Kraft 2% American Processed Cheese Slices. Other brands don't cut it.
Enjoys tomatoes off the vine and most other human food scraps that he can find or reach with his tongue.
Paper makes a great snack - toilet paper, important receipts and paper money will do nicely.

Why I'm ready to part with him.
Today he hit my last nerve by devouring an entire bag of pasta.
Now the first person to tell me that I shouldn't have left the pasta in the pantry, in the grocery bag on the floor with the door closed will have to pick their own switch.
I bought him a frickin' chew toy today because recently he has redeveloped the puppy habit of chewing. (I discovered yesterday that he chewed up a pair of fliip flops which he hasn't done since the countless number of Amy's birkenstocks in college.)

Let me know if you want to put up with his crap. I'll pack his ducks and send him your way. Bella will be sad, but she'll get over it.


Jun. 21st, 2005 02:05 pm
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I haven't listened to JLC in about a week and I'm suffering from withdrawal. I'll have to make my smart playlist even smarter than it already is when I stop listening to my 80's flashback - all day and all night.

Been out doing errands this morning. Had to be up at the crack of still dark out this morning. RTL had to catch an early morning flight to Redmond, again. I'm thinking that Redmond should just be moved south a few miles. It would make it a lot easier for me to avoid early morning NPR wake up calls.

Then off to the floor store to return the floor samples we borrowed over the weekend. We had all the hardwood floors refinished before we moved into the house, but we didn't/haven't done anything to the floors that were tiled or the closet floors. We were considering installing some in floor heating for the bathrooms, but have since discovered cork flooring. So I think we've narrowed it down to cork tiles for the bathrooms, closets, and pantry.

And I went into the new Target that is closer to the house. OH MY GOODNESS! It's beautiful! Two floors and clean and not junky and it's very Berkeley.

Haven't been to the grocery store for people food or the pet store for Bella food. I'll get around to that eventually. I've got access to the car for the next couple of days to make running errands less of a hassle.

I've put on my junky clothes so that I can implement phase 6 of the juniper attack. Sounds like a B horror movie from the 50's.

The dog has been relegated to the back porch today. No cozy inside bed sleeping for him. Besides the toilet paper, digging through RTL's workbag for paper scraps, and the copious amounts of other mischief he finds; today he figured out a way to reach his treat bag in the pantry, ripped through the plastic baggie and ate what I believe to be approximately half of the treats in the bag. Not sure if the cat aided and abetted in the crime, but I believe that climbing the litter box was part of the plan.

Taking a break from RTL's freelance work briefly to do all of this. Let's consider though that I sat in front of the computer for about 13 hours straight yesterday to finish phase 1 of the task because RTL's freaking out about getting it done. Yes, I am having that moment when I want to ask "if we didn't live together would you be breathing down my neck like this?" I am semi-regretting that I agreed to help out. I keep reminding myself that it pays property taxes for the year.
Also taking a few moments so that the maid, dishwasher, laundress and gardener can get some work done around the house. They forgot to show up this weekend, so I had to giggle a little (OK, I laughed so much that I almost got the hiccups) when RTL couldn't find the clean clothes she wanted this morning. But the mess is driving me crazy, so I think some cleaning up is in order.
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Why do I have a 22 minute and 44 second version of Whipping Post performed by the Allman Brothers?
I have so much stuff in my iTunes library that I put iTunes on party shuffle. That way I hear something other than what I listen to all the time i.e. Jump Little Children.
Great I thought, until I realized that I had been listening to Whipping Post for approximately 20 minutes already.
And already knew the other problem was RTL's fetish for audiobooks and the obscene amount of holiday music we have that I have to watch out for in party shuffle mode, but 20 minute songs?

Speaking of JLC, I just downloaded their new album. Be proud of me though because I haven't listened to it enough to memorize all the words yet.

Let's compare points in the I've been a good friend vs the I'm a slacker as a friend competitions
Good friend points - 2
Slacker friend points - 10

Been planning to call F for how long now? And have I? Have I thought about it? Yeah, everytime it's about 11 p.m. EST. But I made sure that RTL and I called K & F in Ireland before it got too late. Slacker friend points galore there.
Still haven't bought birthday gifts for 3 people, still haven't done wedding gifts for 1 person, and still trying to finish 2 baby shower gifts plus got another one coming up.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the graduation gift and lets add 2 more birthday gifts that go into a package for Ireland that I've been meaning to send since January.
Just call me Slacker Girl!
I plan to clear this up this week while RTL is in Redmond. Wish me luck.

Oooooh, I have some fun movies from RTL's little sister that I should post. We got the dvd in the mail on Saturday and I laughed my head off. Although MB might send evil thoughts my way if I do. I'll have to ask first.

I love Netflix.
I hope there is a Netflix in Europe.
I love Netflix.

Why is my dog afraid of my cat? He's four times as big as she is. She loves him. But the sight of her strikes fear in poor Dexter.

I think I'm avoiding other stuff right now which is why this post is so schizophrenic. I'm going to go take a breather and finish up some emails instead.

Good friend points - 2
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A moment of tribute and celebration for Anne Bancroft.

Her death is a downer on this gloomy rainy day in what is suppose to be sunny California.

The happy notes for the day are an empty plant bin and RTL picked out her own clothes to wear today. Three days straight! This could also have a lot to do with the fact that I've forced her to purge the closet. How many times did I hear " I forgot I had that" during the process. Now I just have to prevent a huge influx of new apparel for a couple of months.

I'm looking forward to the next Harry Potter book and movie installment. Still more than a month away for both, however I won't be lined up waiting for the bookstore to open at midnight and nope, I haven't pre-ordered anything.

I need to call my dear friend F and see how the baby is doing. It's just a little difficult with the time change and I don't want to call when the baby is sleeping or eating.
I need to call home as well.

And if anybody wants Dexter, well, I'm willing to send him to a home that is willing to feed him toilet paper, preferably off the roll. He has no brand preference.
You laugh all you want because you don't have to live with it. I'm tired of getting up in the morning and finding the house tp-ed inside. He's about to start sleeping in the crate again instead of his nice cushy bed. Although, I do have to laugh because he hides bits of toilet paper the way most dogs hide bones. Don't tell him that though.
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Maybe hate is too strong of a word. I'd like to sit by the pool all day (if I had a pool) and sip some exotic drink with an umbrella while the cabana boy feeds me bon bons and fans me and the gardener makes my lawn pretty and rips out mean nasty juniper hedges. Thank goodness for daydreams.

It's not the work though that bothers me. I actually kind of enjoy that part. It's the creepy crawly things, specifically the spiders.
That sounds too girly.
I know that most creepy crawly things have a purpose. I like the fact that ladybugs devour aphids and bees make honey and spiders make beautiful webs. However, I don't want to play with the bees or the spiders. Add to that the fact that I have a spider bite from October that is still healing, the spiders can go find somewhere else to play.
So not so girly at all, I've got good reason to avoid things with more than 4 legs. And no I won't play with a spider who is missing 4 legs.

So I'm stuck outside with the long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and socks. Yuck! And it's hot today. I have half of my plant debris cart left to fill and I still can't really tell that I've made a dent in the juniper. Truck and chains are sounding really good about now.
I did look to rent a chipper because I thought that I could grind the juniper and spiders up and use it as mulch. But no one rents chippers because apparently they are cheap to buy. But I don't want to buy something that I won't need after I'm done. Of course my other option is to get a dumpster from the city, but I don't want to pay for that either when I can work at my leisure and have the city pick it up every other week as part of my garbage fees. slow but steady like the tortoise.

On the very happy side, our friend GM is sending a prolific tomato plant home with RTL today. Apparently his mom planted tomatoes and they were quite prolific in her garden so she donated to GM which in turn benefits my tomato tooth because he has too many tomatoes to handle. Happy Happy Happiness. I think my dog will be happy as well. Now I've got to find a good place so Dexter doesn't devour the tomatoes off the vine.

Contemplating - a nap and what to cook for supper
Ready for RTL to come home so we can watch the rest of the 4400 and Hell's Kitchen.
Back to fighting the evil juniper.

Dont' forget to call the vet.


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