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And because I am doing that, I thought that I would post a semi-recipe.

A while back someone suggested creamed cauliflower as a replacement for mash potatoes. So I attempted this using cauliflower as my potato replacement in the way I would normally make mashed potatoes. Yeah, no. This did not work. So, the entire deal was scrapped as a we-tried-it-and-did-not-like-it. Fast forward to an episode of Top Chef where one of the chefs makes creamed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes. And the judging chef even comments that they don't taste like cauliflower. Cream instead of milk is the secret she says.

Wednesday night I decide to test this out. The recipe on the website calls for simmering the cauliflower and 2 potatoes (yukon golds) in 2 cups of cream for 35 minutes. OK, 2 cups of cream is not going to work for me and I didn't have potatoes. Besides, it's a mashed potato substitute. I ended up simmering my cauliflower in vegetable stock and splash of milk. Put it in the food processor and added a splash of cream. They were a bit runny, I needed to add more salt but they tasted like mashed potatoes. Note to self for future reference - drain cauliflower well, simmer in less stock, test consistency before adding cream.

We decided that the ultimate test would be creamed cauliflower with meatloaf. Don't knock meatloaf because I make damn good meatloaf. I bought more cauliflower, simmered it as before with less stock and draining well. I tossed in the few leftovers from the night before with the new cauliflower. Voila! Perfect consistency and doggone tasty too. And my meatloaf was heavenly as well with homemade ketchup coating the top.

I'm going to go finish my lunch now.


Sep. 15th, 2007 07:54 pm
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I am a cooking goddess!
I figured out how to turn these icky protein shake mixes into pancakes.
Happy tummy!
Now I'm going to play with the chocolate ones to create cake or something like that.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 02:50 pm
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I just drank a real live Coca Cola.
I'm buzzed.
On sugar and caffeine.
No caffeine in weeks and I don't normally drink non-diet soda.
But I had to.
The grocery store had Hecho en Mexico Coca Cola.
It just tastes so much better than the crap they produce here.
If they had had Hecho en Mexico Coca Light, I would have bought that instead.
It tastes better too.
Better than whatever fake sugar they use now.
Which would lead you and myself to believe that if I think soda tastes better when it's not made in the US, then I should not ever drink soda made in the US.
OK, I should shut up and stop rambling now.
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Saturday I wanted seafood. Which meant I had to find a seafood place. This is an almost impossible task because I didn't want frou-frou seafood and had no desire to be disappointed in a meal. So I went to my trusty Google and found Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant & Pub. After reading many reviews on this place as well as several others, I decided that this one was a winner.

Let me say that we got lost on the way to the restaurant. Mapquest doesn't understand that the Embarcadero is not marked going south on I-880. We arrived at the restaurant which was busy, but not too crowded. We were seated pretty much immediately and the waitress got off to a great start by bringing water and going down the list of specials.

The menu is great for landlubbers and seafood-lubbers. And the beer! Oh, my! The beer menu is huge. It has all the standards plus a large selection of German beers. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when Ronette discovered Kölsch in the list. We ordered way too much food and the Kölsch (calamari, fish & chips, Belgian style mussels).

One sip of the Kölsch and I was back in Cologne with the little German man delivering beer that he carried from table to table in a carrier that looked like it had been snitched from the milk man. Good stuff, good stuff. The food was just as yummy. Some of the best calamari that I've had. (I still think Bambino's in Cole Valley has the best.) Good fish and the mussels were yumbilicious.

Go to Quinn's for the food. Go to Quinn's for the price. It was fairly cheap compared to what we've paid at some of these frou-frou places. I'm sad that it took us this long to find the place.

Oh yeah, and I got carded too! I was a little taken aback when she asked to see my ID. I look young, but I didn't think I looked that young. It must be the Youthful Essence.


Oct. 20th, 2006 02:58 pm
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I don't know if anyone else in their older age has issues with foods they used to eat all the time now tasting a little funny. For me, it's that beautiful blue box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. It used to be such a lovely comfort food. Now, my poor little tastebuds cringe whenever I see a box because they fear the aluminum after-taste that seems to occur.

Really, I tested my different methods of mix - butter vs margarine, cow milk vs soy milk, all the butter vs half the butter. No matter what, the same icky metal taste. So I decided to try Annie's Mac & Cheese. It tastes pretty good and no aluminum after-taste. But it comes with shells which just isn't quite the same. So after watching an episode of Good Eats, I decided to attempt Alton Brown's version of Baked Macaroni and Cheese.

First, this is a dangerous attempt because after a lifetime of casserole abuse, Ronette does not eat casseroles. Baked mac & cheese is a casserole. So when she called to ask what I had planned for dinner, I didn't tell her that I was going to push her limits and make her eat a casserole.

The first words out of her mouth when we sat down to eat was "That's not a casserole is it?" "Yes, it is" I should have thrown in there a "you'll eat and like it" but I was nice and said that I would make her some boxed stuff and she could eat it on the couch if she didn't like the first version.

No second shift cooking because the baked mac & cheese was a big hit! For both of us. And given that I had gone out on a limb by using rice elbows as well. (It was unplanned. I thought I had a box of regular elbows.) I've got leftovers in the fridge for the weekend. Definitely good eats.
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I really want some french fries.
I'm really thinking about making them chili cheese fries though.
That's bad for me.
But they would be very tasty to my tummy.
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Late yesterday I ventured into the backyard to pick some lemons and check on how the figs were ripening. Thanks to my superworms I have beautiful figs.
Think tennis ball size. Yum!

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A cheese columbo from Coppola's in Richmond.
Warm gooey cheese, with eggplant and sweet peppers.

There are a few things about Richmond I miss.
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I'd do a lot of things right now for a slice of New York pizza.
only 3,000 miles away

Woo Hoo!

Dec. 28th, 2005 01:14 pm
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I made yogurt!

One of my presents this year was a yogurt maker. I've been eyeing one at Sur La Table for awhile now. This is also after buying, trying and tossing several different makes and brands of yogurt, then finally deciding that I either had to move to Europe or learn how to make my own. So yesterday I made my first batch and had it for breakfast today. All I have to say is YUMMY! Next I'm going to try some with fruit and see how that turns out.
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What is it with the lack of costumes?

I missed a lot of the little kids because of a water main break up the street and the river running in front of my house. The few I did get were dressed as princesses, witches, a couple of Harry Potters, and a great lizard. Most of my trick or treaters were teenagers. A couple had masks, most looked no different than they do everyday. I did have a gorrilla who grrrrred at me when I opened the door. I suppose I should have been scared since he was twice my size but I ended up laughing instead. I had a bunch of drunk college kids who did a little Halloweening too. The one that literally took my breath away was the boy dressed in the French maid outfit. I opened the door and said "whoa! started drinking a little early did we?" "You can't really smell it can you?" I'm not sure who couldn't smell him.

I also made some GREAT vegetable beef soup. Thanks mom! If I could find the camera I would take a picture so everyone could see how yummy it looks.

She's Back!

Oct. 3rd, 2005 12:30 pm
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I left the airport at 10:15 last night with RTL in tow. This is after circling the San Francisco airport for about 20 minutes. SFO needs a 30 minute Park & Call like Oakland has. SFO's other problem is the amount of construction that they are doing in the arrival area, it makes sliding in and out of the pick-up lanes almost impossible. Thank goodness that RTL went through customs in NY and didn't have to do it here.

The dog and the cat were ecstastic to see her. Dexter made loops around the house before deciding it was time to go to bed.

We started pulling stuff out of her suitcase so I could throw something in the washer for work on Monday and to get my goodies. No chocolate. *sigh* But I do have two beautiful rounds of plain Gouda and four little rounds of herbs-added Gouda. I might be having a grilled Gouda sandwich for lunch. Cheese and chocolate. Throw in a bottle of red wine & a loaf of bread and we've got a picnic. She also brought me back six bags of tulip bulbs, two each of three kinds. One is regular old tulips but they are blue and the other ones are fancy schmancy. I'll probably be out in the yard planting them later this week.

Now I have two weeks worth of work clothes to wash. I started the washer at 7:30 this morning. Glad I finished all my other errands over the weekend. I have the camera back so now I can start taking pictures of some my projects. Yay! I hear the Gouda calling my name. I'm going to go munch some.
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I've gotten sidetracked by not giving quality posts, so I'm going to work on that. I figured with RTL gone that I would have insight on amazing things at 2 o'clock in the morning. No, not really. I just find myself surfing the net and finding random websites that tickle my funnybone. I'll also put stuff behind cuts so I don't overload anyone's friends page.

Yardwork )

Edibles )

The Daily RTL Phone Conversation )

I think that's it for yesterday. I'm sure more excitement is in store for me today. I'm thinking about going to the library. I should get off my butt and go to the Berekely Resident Services and get a sticker for the car.
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Wait, I never stopped my scheming ways.

Anyway, now that [ profile] drmellow has informed me that I should be putting honey in my tea instead of sugar, I feel that it is my responsibility to concoct multitudes of methods to introduce sugar into every topic of conversation. I'm thinking of creating a [ profile] drmellow doll that will shout "Sugar is an ABOMINATION to the grit!" everytime you squeeze his tummy. *hee hee* Dress him all in black a la Johnny Cash. And boots! Gotta have boots.

I'm also going to concoct a grit and honey combination and see how that tastes. And we all know that even if it tastes like ick, I'm going to proclaim that it's the best stuff ever. Although, I'm not sure that you could really go wrong putting honey in grits.

I'm going to go start designing my [ profile] drmellow doll now.
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And since we all know what it means now, let me tell you about my most recent dilemma where I should have exclaimed "figjam!" Well, maybe it should just be "fig" if no one is around to "jam".

I've known for awhile that my hand mixer was on the blitz. For months I have sweet talked it into giving me just one more mix of the batter. I knew that its life was short lived, but I had hoped that it would last as long as my mother's hand mixer that she got as a wedding present. That one finally died around year 25 of service. They just don't make things like they used to.

Anyway, I told RTL that I would make her a cake with icing, layers and all that good stuff. I mixed the batter for the cake. I had to stop mixing every few minutes to keep the motor from overheating and to unjam the mixers. I was thinking that beating by hand might have been easier. I finally got the batter mixed and the cake in the oven. But before I tried to make icing for the cake, I decided to do the magic that has kept it running so far. Did a little test, everything was working fine.

Now the cake is out of the oven and I'm getting everything ready to make icing. First step - cream the butter. The frickin' mixer won't work! The motor is running, but the gears aren't turning. I decided to pull out my tool belt and fix the blasted thing for good. I take everything apart, clean out all the flour that has made its way through all the nooks and crannies and try to see if I can realign the gears.

I tried, I really did. I gave up when I realized that in my months of coaxing just one more batter, I've stripped the gears. I probably could have found a gear that fit and eventually fixed it, but frankly it wasn't worth it. Of course, if I were a real lesbian then I could have fixed it with some duct tape and a little WD-40. I threw the sucker away. I know, more trash for the landfill, but if manufacturers just made things like they used to this wouldn't be a problem.

What to do, what to do? I have cake. I promised cake with icing and layers and all the bells and whistles. I need icing. And I wasn't going out to buy a can of icing. So I MacGyvered it. I just needed something to turn a mixer so I pulled out my trusty drill. FIG!!!! Can you picture me in my frilly pink apron and a drill making icing for a cake? I wish I had enough thought to take a picture. Great icing too. What I need now is for Dewalt to make a hand mixer.
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Don't make "marshmallow treats" with Sugar Smacks(tm).
They are yucky.
Sugar Smacks(tm) are too soft and you don't get the same crunch.
Stick with crunchy cereals like Fruity Pebbles(tm) and Cocoa Crisps(tm).

Fresh figs

Jun. 24th, 2005 01:02 pm
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I just picked the first ripe fig off of the tree.
Dang are they good!
Glad I get to enjoy every single one this year.


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