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And today was my last day of water therapy.
*sniff sniff*
And I'm getting kicked out of land therapy in another 3 weeks.
*sniff sniff*
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I'm home!!!!! And a bit too sun-kissed. Although that was entirely my fault because I decided that since I was going to be on a plane or in the airport most of my last day in Hawai`i, I opted not to slather myself in sunscreen. Not a good decision, but at least I'm not in sunburn pain like my travel companions who complained on our last free day with "where's the sun? I'm not getting any color." Ha! They're burnt crispy.

Can I just say that I love Hawai`i! We hadn't landed and I was ready to move. I mean, housing prices there are similar to here and San Francisco so why not? I think that this my usurp my desire to live off the grid in Alaska.

I've got lots of pictures and lots of stuff to tell so I'll do that later after I return from physical therapy.
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Mommy has returned home. I took her to the airport at 5 a.m. (Whose idea was this 7 o'clock flight?) But she's on a plane heading towards St. Louis. She was excited about that because the last time she was in St. Louis was on a cross country trip with my dad in 69. They drove through snapping pictures of the arch. I'm back home (finally! It took an hour to drive back from the airport.) The house is quiet and Bella is stalking the baby birds who live in the attic next door. I'm off to pt soon and then to drive a friend to a doctor's appointment. Woo hoo! Busy day.
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With a little extra box moving help last night, the box with all my good hang-up shirts has been located, moved into the house and unpacked. Yay! I have shirts to wear, sort of. There are a few that had gotten a little too tight that I can wear, but all the shirts that I had bought to wear 8-9 months ago are too big. Well, that's a big yay, but it sucks because I hear the ca-ching ca-ching with one less shirt to wear. At least they won't be going to waste as Ronette will be able/can wear them. And I'm down to wearing skirts because I've got two pair of pants that fit now. I'm holding back on the shopping because I really don't want to buy something to wear for the next 30 days. I thought I had stalled with the lack of exercise, but my cook is only feeding me healthy stuff.

During my recovery I've been doing some amateur birdwatching. There ware a couple of wrens living in the attic in the house beside/behind us. (We're on a corner lot, so technically the house is behind us.) Incidently, the house was just put on the market, so it will be interesting to see what happens when the birds are discovered by prospective new owners. Back to the wrens, it's been very interesting to watch. The mother bird started rebuilding the nest this morning. And the papa bird keeps coming back and forth with worms. I don't know if the babies have hatched yet, but I'm waiting for them to start their flying lessons. I'll have a great view from the bed. The stellar jay and I are going to have a fight though. He decided to peck a hole in the side of the house. The hole wasn't big enough for him to move in, but we have a family of chickadees living in the wall. Those babies haven't hatched yet either. Ronette and I know we need to remove them, but we're feeling bad about evicting them.

Now I'm going to go finish with my chores - ha, ha! Not that I can really do much around the house. One of Ronette's old co-workers volunteered us to throw her a birthday dinner tomorrow. You know the type, the minute you say something like "awww, you have to work on your birthday" before you know it you have somehow agreed to host the birthday party and you keep wondering how in the hell you got roped into it. Yep, that would be Carolyn. Although, she has promised to assist Ronette bringing in several large, heavy items from the truck.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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Successfully ran errands yesterday afternoon. However, it made me very tired and Ronette was worried that I had overdone it. All is back as it was after a good night's sleep. Too bad I can't do that more often. I'm so inactive right now that I'm not tired at night.

I had a run-in with a HUGE spider downstairs last night. Now, I have no desire to go downstairs to finish watching two weeks worth of The O.C. He was really BIG. Ronette tried to find him so she could squash him for me. However, he has hidden himself away waiting only for me.

Nothing much is going on here. I'm so boring. 14 day countdown for Doc appointment #2.
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I'm ready to get out of the house and go back to the gym. I'm hoping that I'll be ok-ed to go swimming on Wednesday. My muscles are wasting away!!!!!!!! I can take it easy if I get some additional activity. I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm not tired enough.
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OK, so I'm really not blind as a bat (plus I don't have that fantastic radar system to get around), but I faced it a long time ago that without something to correct my vision I can't see squat. I'm also fortunate enough to have vision coverage with my health insurance. Theorectically that should make going to the eye doctor and getting glasses cheaper, but I'm not convinced. Now it is my fault that I waited until the end of the year to go see the eye doc along with everyone else who went before their 2005 benefits ran out. I don't think that should make a difference in making my life hell just to get a new pair of glasses.

First, I had to see a new doctor. That's fine, I've got going to the eye doc down pat. I must say that I was quite excited to have a digital scan (or whatever it is) of my eyes and not the glaucoma puff test. I wasn't thrilled with the doctor, but when you must see "in-network" you have to deal with it. That was the end of December. Jump forward to the second week of January when my glasses were finally ready. I put them on and look around. I feel like I've been drinking for a couple of days straight. I've had enough new glasses to know something ain't quite right. He says that I'm sensitive to the prisms. I don't think so. He gives me a hard time because I'm not willing to try the prisms for a while. I'm about to break down in tears and he gives me the fine, I'll send them back and have the prisms taken out.

So my glasses were ready again today. I can see this time, but the room is still moving. I don't think this should be happening. If anybody else can explain to me that this might be normal, please explain away. He does a bunch of stuff to prove to me that the prescription should be fine. OK, but the room shouldn't be moving if I'm standing still. So he re-measures my eye position and that's off, so he has agreed to send them back again. Which means it will be the end of February before I might get my new glasses. I've never had to wait 2 months for new glasses. I've also never had glasses that I couldn't wear. And I'm pissed off and want to bitch. Tomorrow I'm going to call customer service and find out what I can do if they still aren't right when I get them back.


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