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Oh man, am I tired today. Pork was done around 4, Ronette came home and we headed over to Julija's by 5. I'd also like to point out that I hate 5 o'clock traffic. They talked shop while we pulled the pork. Got the cornbread on, chopped up the collards and was very sad that I couldn't start with some of Chuck's whiskey.

By 11 p.m. 20 pounds of pork was gone. The birthday boy did manage to scrape together enough to take home. That was probably helped out by the fact that everyone was snitching out of the bowl long before we got it on the table.

I really do love Supperclub. It seriously is a nice "dining out" experience. And Julija makes the best pie crust that I think I've ever had.

And on that rambling note, I think it's time to go get some breakfast and finish watching Nancy Drew.
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The freezer is fixed. At least it was cheaper than a new fridge, that would have sucked considering this one can't be more than 5 years old. The defrost heater went out and I asked the repair person why that would happen. His response - Age. The newer models just don't last as long. Energy efficient, but don't last as long. However, it's fixed and that is what I care about right now.

But considering all that and having lot of stuff defrosted to the point it was cook or toss, I cooked a bunch of stuff yesterday. Which reminds me I have cranberry sauce that needs to be covered and put in the fridge.

I'm also going through some old cooking magazines and was inspired last night to try out one in Everyday Food for crepes with sauteed bananas and chocolate. It was delicious and fantastic tasting. I also didn't realize how easy crepes are to make. Now I have extra I can freeze for future use.

Walk this way for the recipe )


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:32 am
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There are some days that kicking appliances is a good thing. Last night I decided to clean out the fridge. Really clean it out - everything removed, everything scrubbed down, not just a quick swipe of the shelves. And it didn't occur to me while I had the door open that the motor was not running. Then I started on the freezer and realized that I had a lot of semi-frozen stuff. Not cool, especially since I just went grocery shopping. Thought maybe the door hadn't sealed well or something, the freezer was packed with stuff just thrown in. One of the reasons for cleaning out the freezer last night. Got everything put back in and this is when I realize that the motor is not running. Now I'm using dirty words because I don't want to buy a new fridge this week and the fridge can't be more than 5 years old. Ronette and I pulled it out of it's cubby hole. Unplugged it and replugged it in. No sound.

I've gotten ice this morning and filled the cooler with ice & food. I'm sure I'll have to start cooking some of this stuff that is defrosting. Ronette called for an appliance repair person to come out this afternoon. Strangely enough the motor is humming along right now. So we'll see what happens. Sadly I'm hoping that the appliance person says there is nothing wrong with the fridge. But just in case . . .
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This question is mostly posed to those who shop/cook for two, but I'm not discriminating because I'm curious. How much do you guys spend on groceries in a week? Rough estimate.

I'm wondering because I have officially changed places where I shop. I was going to probably 3 different stores on a regular basis because they are all within a 1 mile range of the house and each store had certain things that were better priced. Well, the Larry's market that I was doing most of my shopping at has officially changed to a Tops. Not sure what I can compare it to except the IGA that my grandmother did most of her shopping at which either was exceptionally cheap or grossly overpriced depending on what item you were buying. Larry's was the preferred place since Berkeley Bowl is 12 hours away. Ronette and I made one last excursion through Larry's/Tops and had such a bad shopping experience that we decided it was time to move on. We were buying for a group meal, spent $110, and had 1 lb of coffee thrown in because the store manager didn't know the code. I freecycled the coffee because it was NASTY. They dumped all the good brands.

We nixed Albertson's because it's too far away. Safeway was nixed because the closest one has got to be one of the oldest ones and is gross all the time. Tried QFC, but the reason I don't do all shopping there is because I know that if I buy things like nuts, Trader Joe's is cheaper. So we decided to give Whole Paycheck a chance. We had a pleasant shopping experience. We redeemed them back to Whole Foods and I was excited to find bulk food bins of hard to find items like spelt flour. Then someone said that we just HAD to go to a PCC, they LOVE PCC. Horrible Horrible Horrible All the fruits and veggies are organic, no choice of non-organic and most of it isn't even local. Sorry, organic from Honduras doesn't cut it. We spent $60 for 2 nights worth of dinner and that was already having meat in the freezer.

Today I return to Whole Foods and spent $120. I have breakfast, lunch & dinner for the next week. I bought meat and I bought my $10 worth of sushi for lunch. So yeah, I'm curious about what other people are spending for a weeks worth of groceries.
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One of the things I miss about Raleigh is the Longbranch. Line dancing, country tunes and being asked to dance by men wearing belt buckles as big as their hats. Ahhh, the memories. Over the six months that I spent with my trainer, many of our conversations were about country music and country bars where you can two-step the night away. Through him I found out about McCabes's aka the Cowboy bar. Carol's birthday was the weekend so we decided to go.

It's not the Longbranch, but it was pretty darn tootin' awesome. They have dance lesson that start around 7 and go until about 8:30-ish. Not only is it line dance but it's also couple dance which I think is pretty cool. Ronette and I both decided we were a bit intimidated to go out and try to remember all our line dancing skills. It's been a long time. But I am looking forward to relearning all those dance steps and putting them to good use the next time we go. We did do a bit of East Coast swing together. Not enough though, the dancing appetite was barely touched. But next time, next time we'll be dancing fools. And the plus side was that I ran into my trainer wearing his belt buckle that was almost as big as his hat.
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I've been fairly silent for a few days. Nothing dramatic, just busy doing other things.

Finally managed to get the fire pit sold. Still have some chairs that I would like to go, but someone is going to need them in order for them to get gone. Got rid of books galore, but then people will gladly take stuff when it's free. I have a bunch of other stuff that needs to be posted, which I will get around to doing sometime this week. Maybe Friday.

I encouraged Ronette in purchasing the H2O Steam mop. We decided to check it out for 30 days to see if we like it. I haven't tested it out yet, I must sweep the floors first. However I have been blasting everything that I can possibly blast with the handheld steam cleaner thingy. I like it. Cleaned my kitchen sink and the counter tops fabulously.

Started looking at school and grad programs. It's time to do that. The wheels in my head also started turning as we were watching an organizing show on TV and I realized that I could do that. I would be a great professional organizer. So we're looking into that. And I think I'm going to get Ronette to post some fliers up around campus for me to do some Mother's day blankets. Looking at too as a way to sell my crafty stuff. Like I said, the wheels are turning.

Our friend Michelle is coming next week which is VERY exciting.

And I think that's about it for now. I need to go to the post office and mail books. Then I think I'm going to the library to check out some stuff.
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I woke up way too early this morning. There was a lot of light in the bedroom and the dog was whining to go out. Although that could be an excellent thing because that means spring really is right around the corner and I get to look forward to my long days of summer.

I've actually been sitting here since 6:30-ish messing on the computer. Nothing fun and exciting, just messing. I posted a few things on Craigslist yesterday and I'm hoping that the woman who called about the fire pit shows up today. I posted it last week and had no hits. However, as I told Ronette yesterday "I know how much they cost, what I'm asking is extremely reasonable. And I know if I posted it for free there would be 25 people lined up to take it. But I want cash and it can sit there for all I care". I have a pile of other things I need to post on Freecycle today.

I started plants for my garden this year. This is very exciting since with the back surgery last year, taking care of a garden wasn't in the cards for me. I already have some seedlings poking their little heads up in my "greenhouse". Yeah, I bought two seedstarter things and stuck them on the dining room table. And Ronette built a raised garden for me, which now needs about 25 bags of soil purchased for it.

OK, I'm rambling. I have nothing to say really, but I would sit here and type about anything right now.
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People are finally out of my house and theoretically life won't be that busy for at least a week. I can get laundry finished. I don't have to worry about making sure there is edible food for someone other than Ronette and I. AND I can walk around the house without worrying about what I'm wearing.

Friday we had our friends Jacquie and Kim over for dinner. Which I don't really recommend Friday night dinners after work unless you go out because it's a pain to have to clean the house and cook for someone who is showing up at six. But we did it. I bought a beautiful rib eye roast to serve with roasted asparagus, carrots, fennel and I made tasty sourdough bread. Truthfully, the hectic feeling of preparing dinner would have been alright if another friend that Ronette invited to stay the night hadn't shown up at four instead of the expected five.

Saturday we were up early to see Carolyn off and to clean up before Shane arrived. Note to visitors - if you get an earlier flight out when you come to see us, please call and tell us that you will be arriving two hours earlier than originally planned. We're happy for more time, but we won't go running errands in those two hours we thought we had. We had a few hours to hang before our dinner reservations at Pomegranate. Love that place because they serve sweet tea and an awesome Carolina BBQ pork sandwich. After dinner we headed to the theatre to see a performance of Barefoot in the Park. I think we all laughed so hard through the entire show. It was awesome. But we haven't been disappointed with anything at this theater yet. And in true NC fashion we had to stop at the Krispy Kreme on the way back home for a little after theater snack. Too bad they weren't hot. Nothing beats a hot now.

Sunday was more time with Shane and leftover roast beef sandwiches. I pickled onions on Friday for the sandwiches. So I think that I officially used about 4 new recipes this weekend alone. Shane and I then took puppito for a walk on the river trail and through the town center. She got all the love while we scooped poop. I think Shane wanted to go do something, but he never really gave any ideas so we ended up with basically a lazy day. Ronette and I actually talked about this (because we were both slightly annoyed) and decided that it really wasn't our problem. I said I was more than willing to do things, but I knew I couldn't decide what we would do. Especially since Shane kept killing things Ronette threw out. So here's another note for visitors - I'm not planning your time here. We can hang, we can do whatever. I will offer suggestions if you've never been, but I can't ultimately decide what you want to do.

We did end up at a whacked dinner at the Thai place down the street. Whacked because the waitress forgot to take my order and then told the guy next to me that even though she said the chef could make what he ordered, they really couldn't. I've never seen the service that bad there.

So today I was very happy to drive Shane down the hill to the hotel where his conference is going on. Now my dog won't be riled up every five minutes, fed Wheat Thins or offered shoes to chew on. I can finish laundry and I don't have to worry about feeding anyone other than Ronette and myself. And rest. Thank goodness, I can have a little rest.

Busy bee

Jan. 29th, 2008 06:38 pm
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I'm doing long neglected house stuff this week like finally finishing replacing the electrical outlets and light switches. I managed to replace what was left of the upstairs light switches. I'll work on the ones downstairs tomorrow. Although I have one switch which used to control one of the outlets and the outlet is no longer responding. I'll have to play with that one. Also replaced 8 outlets which doesn't seem like a lot, but it would certainly go a lot faster if Bonnie didn't need to help or think that me sitting in the floor means it's time to play. Let me tell you, it is hard to use a screwdriver with one hand while playing tug of war with a tank. Tomorrow I'll work on outlets and switches downstairs. And that's about it.
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I implemented weekly movie nights with Ronette as a way for some quality time together. Also, to get through this stack of movies that we have sitting here that we keep meaning to watch. We picked Friday for movie nights because that's the one day where we both look at each other and say "do we have to go out?" So Friday I went to the grocery store and bought pizza toppings and made pizza dough. I added buffalo wings to that, but I laugh because I baked them instead of frying them making our junk food night relatively healthy.

We watched The Night Listener and Not Another Teen Movie. Liked The Night Listerner, but it moved rather slowly for me. I was also surprised at how short the movie was. And I love crappy teen movies so anything that makes fun of teen movies is great. Unrated versions rule!

Saturday the plan was to head up to Everett to McCabes the cowboy bar for a little line dancing. Longbranch is a little bit too far away. However plans to do that were waylaid as we overheard a woman in the grocery store on the phone saying "You've got to be kidding me! Everett has how much snow?!?!?!?" We definitely weren't going to Everett with snow on the ground and the threat that it was suppose to snow in our area all weekend. Ended up making beef stew and inviting Carol over and watching Brokeback Mountain finally. Again, another movie that moved slow as molasses. Good, but there were a couple of scenes that were a bit too much for me. Spit scene - that's all I have to say. And it didn't snow enough to stick here.

On Sunday, Carol and I went and saw Atonement while Ronette headed into work. Long sloooowww movie. It was good, but man! what's up with the slow? I also thought the little girl in the movie needed a spanking.

Today we woke up to the snow that was suppose to be here this weekend. It's pretty. I love how snow makes everything quiet. All the schools were out today, so it's been fun to hear all the kids (little to big) scream as they slide down the hills. They've taken over the street on the side of the house. It's pretty fabulous. I want to find a sled and go down the hill. I'm also trying to get video of Bonnie playing in the snow. I have a bout 15 minutes that I'll cob together and edit, then post it later.

I also spent 3 hours on the phone with Ireland people. Thank goodness for VoIP. Lots of changes there. And they are still looking for their dog who ran away from the kennel over Christmas.

OK, I think that's about it. I have some outlets to replace.
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Because we won't be here New Year's eve and I must have the house absolutely clean before the new year starts, I have been cleaning like a mad woman. It's a tradition thing - the whole out with the old, in with the new. It's my "clean" start for the new year. The only thing that I'll be sad (and will have to make up for when we get back) is fixing a traditional new year's day meal. I just don't think I'll be able to get collard greens or black eye peas in Bermuda. So I'm cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and just about done except for the floors and the office. The office is my goal today. Right now it's a cluttered mess and things have got to go.

Still working on getting the ballet video.

Ronette came home safe and sound yesterday. A two hour drive home from the airport in 5 o'clock traffic, but home. And she brought me yummies back. Cheese. Stinky cheese. Unpasteurized French milk cheese. No brie this time, but a similar soft cheese that I can't remember the name of. When I open it, I will post what it is called.

OK, so Bonnie and I are going to slave away while I listen to holiday music.
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Can I just sit here and play on the internet all day instead of cleaning my house?
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I love water aerobics. It's so much fun. And even better since it's taught by Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon. OK, her name really is Karli, but she looks and sounds like Elle. It tripped me out the first day. However, she's really good and fun so I just giggle when she says "ok girls! 8 more!". The only thing that sucks is that my trainer workouts conflict with this class, so for the next 12 weeks I'll be missing them. There are other classes, but this was the free one. I kind of liked that, not that the punch card is expensive, just annoying that it costs.

Now I have to go find what other trouble I'm going to get into today other than grocery shopping.
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And off the road!

I, being my bad self today, went down the road to the grocery to buy my brownie. I'm sitting at the stop light waiting to turn and hear CRUNCH. That unmistakable sound of another car hitting another car. Now, I'm not sure which lane (the road has 4 lanes, 2 each direction) the car that was hit was in, but when I looked into my mirror, it was pushed 2 feet into the oncoming traffic lane. Now, if it was in the inside/middle lane, that was a big push. But if it was sitting in the outside lane, OMG! how fast was the truck that hit it going out of the post office parking lot?

But it's been one of those days where all the bad drivers are on the road. And no [ profile] curefreak I did not check for baseball caps or stuffed animals tossed into the back windshield area. I've seen lots of near misses today and one I was almost involved in when the guy in the lane next to me realized that he wanted to turn left, so went straight into the parking lot as he should have but then did the quick u-turn in the entrance back out onto the road into my lane. Glad I hit the brakes when I realized what he was doing because I would have taken him out. And what ticked me off was that he was right beside me, not like a little bit in front to give him an extra edge, but right smack beside me. And I just heard another CRUNCH which sounds like it was down by the stop light. Oh well, I'm not going anywhere else tonight. I've got my brownies and the bunny chilling in the backyard. The bunny is chilling in the backyard, not my brownie.
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I'm going to bed y'all.
I'm tired. you've got to pronounce that with more than one syllable too.
I wish I could say that it has been a long day, but really it hasn't. I'm just sleepy today. And the PT work out did not energize me at all. I was in the pool and it just made me sleepier.
Anyway, I'll be around tomorrow.
I have to find some way to entertain myself.
I've pretty much covered all the projects that I thought I could finish before Friday. Now I guess I'll start on a new one downstairs and trash the rec room while I put the studio together finally.


Jul. 25th, 2007 03:22 pm
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Someone is opening a TEQUILA bar down the street.
I'm not a big drinker, but TEQUILA!!!!
I do love me some TEQUILA
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The Comcast installer just left.
I'm actually really happy to have this new service added to everything that I already pay Comcast for.
It certainly beats my previous phone provider.
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It's 1:30 and I really need to go eat some lunch. I've been productive so far today although my time schedule is a little off. I decided that while Ronette is gone that I would make to-do lists and all that good stuff so that I can have a lot accomplished by the time she gets back. So far today I've gone to the gym, eaten breakfast, finished cleaning out the lingerie drawers, tossed a lot of stuff, showered, had a good cry and gotten dressed. Now I'm sitting here on the computer shopping when I should be eating. But it's so fun to watch the flock of chickadees that hatched this year fly around the backyard. Not fun to watch the squirrels steal the peaches off my tree though. And it's raining today. Yay! There are suppose to be thunderstorms. I can't wait. So I'm off to eat. I'll be checking in later, it's on my schedule.

Oh, [ profile] yarbiedoll, Ronette said that the hummingbird is really big considering that he's a hummingbird. So maybe it wasn't just the perspective of the picture. Oh, and Kim S. is back in the states until September. Is Holly still on that side of the earth? If she is, I should really forward you Kim's email. Well, even if she's not then I should forward the email anyway.
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It's 6:49 a.m. on a Saturday morning.
Why am I awake?
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I smell a nice clean refrigerator. It was smelling mighty funky. Now it smells funky fresh. :)
I have also managed to wash both dog beds so we can donate them and clean out the coat closet.
Now I need to get ready for PT.


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