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We went to the movies last night and saw SuperBad.
AAAAAAHHHH! It was hilarious! Not completely sure that it will become the next American Pie, but it was definitely funny. All the humour is 12 year old boy humor without any fart jokes. Funny though and we laughed out loud the entire time. The bonus is that we saw the preview for Harold and Kumar 2.

And the night started out pretty funny with the girl who waited on us for our movie food catching our hot dogs on fire in the microwave. The buns weren't entirely defrosted and another clerk advised her that "yeah, I usually just fix them up and stick them in the microwave for 45 seconds". As she was stuffing them into their silvery hot dog bags, I said to Ronette "I don't think those bags are microwavable." "Well, maybe it's just the printing ink . . . we'll see." 15 seconds later Ronette and I are going "FIRE! FIRE!" We were laughing so hard before the movie, there was no way the movie wasn't going to be funny.
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I just finished watching Stranger than Fiction and wow. That was really good. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.


Jul. 19th, 2007 02:54 pm
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I so totally love that show. And the season premiere had Tim Curry and Gina Gershon. The bonus is that it completely fuels my love of the 80's.

And I'm digging Hex on BBC America. It's so much better than Buffy and as good as Charmed. I can hear Carol calling me a witch now. Love, love, love it.

Oh, and we went and saw Ratatouille last Saturday. I should have been so much better. It needed a lot of editing. Plus, I wouldn't take a child to see it after the scene where they show the carnage of dead rodents in the rat killing shop. Disturbing.

OK, I'm going to go watch more tv.
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I'm thinking about turning on the heat. Although I'll probably end up curling up on the couch with the marine blanket while I eat breakfast. I guess I should at least go put on a pair of socks.

This was a pretty good weekend. RTL and I finally hung our first door. I do need to plane down a little on the edge where it is sticking, but other than that it looks great. Now we just have to go buy 9 more doors and get to work.

Saturday, we went and saw the new Harry Potter movie. We liked it very much. I didn't realize until we were at the theatre that the movie was reater PG-13. So much for ratings, it was 50% over 25 and 50% under 13 in the theatre. RTL and I had bets on how many kids would need to leave and how many would leave in tears. We didn't win the number of kids that would leave, we were off by two, but we hit the number who would leave in tears. The movie was a little scary in places. I had to cover my eyes a couple of times. Now I need to go back and reread book 4.

We also went into the city so RTL could get a haircut before we go east. I ended up walking down to Union Square to do a little shopping. I needed to go to Crate and Barrel to replace drinking glasses that I've broken and wanted to look at iPod cases at Mac. My glasses were still in stock so that was a fast trip. I finally found an iPod case that I really liked. I went into Sephora too. Sephora is a weakness of mine. I left before buying out the store. I was also looking for a snazzy pair of shoes to wear with my jeans. Something that looks better than my sneakers but not so casual as my flip flops. *sigh* I really wanted to buy shoes. RTL was really surprised when I showed up with shopping bags but not shoes. I tried on about 25 pairs of shoes and nothing looked or fit the way I wanted them to fit. I did find a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes that I really liked, but then I saw the $359 price tag on them. I couldn't even justify trying them on because if they looked great, I wasn't going to buy them. I just want to fun pair of shoes, without a 3 mile heel and a heel that isn't the size of soda can. Yep, that's what I found - big clunky heels that were no less than 3 inches. Not that I want stillettos either, but there has got to be something inbetween.

I have many things to do so I should get started.
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I seem to have a knack for discovering freaky things. Things that make me shudder but still I continue to watch them because I can't believe that stuff like it exists. And I realize that there are people in the world who are stranger than I am.

First strange discovery happened Friday night around 11 p.m. as RTL and I were going to bed. RTL's nightly habit is to either a.) flip through the TV channels until she finds something suitable to fall asleep to or b.) ask me to check the listings on the other TV. Friday, RTL was flipping through the TV channels. Next thing I hear is "Oh my God! There is PORN on tv." Of course I had to look, I grab my glasses so I can see. Umm, yeah, there's a lot of full frontal stuff on the TV screen. Since we can't figure out what channel it is and why there is so much nakedness on a non-pay per view channel, I go to the other room to check out what this could be. None other than B-TV, Berkeley's Public Access Television Channel 28. And I, sick-headed woman that I am, click the record button because I want to find out if this is a mistake. Y'all knew I was going to do something like that so don't act so shocked.

RTL and I did a lot of fast forwarding through the 3 1/2 hours of weird stuff. Turns out the "porn" we stumbled across was a music video. I use the term music video lightly, there was a band playing and they were introduced at the end, but I don't think that MTV will be airing it anytime soon. Then somewhere in the middle we get a 2 1/2 hour documentary on 9/11. Then another "video" of nekkid people and guys wearing black smocks with "Long Live Sodomites" on the back. There was nothing on underneath the smocks. Good thing that we watched this on fast forward. At the end of all this, we discover that the group who filmed this has a website. For all you sicko's out there here is Crazy Site #1 and Crazy Site #2. [ profile] curefreak, I wish you could have seen this because I think this may be the freakiest of all things freaky. The websites are mild comparatively.

Second thing is that I discovered a showing of Female Trouble with Divine on IFC. I love John Waters and his crazy off-kilter portrayal of life, but some things are better left unseen. I believed that I had seen most of John Waters' movies which prompted me to hit record for this one before I went to bed. I won't go into details, but the next time I get the crazy idea to hit record, someone remind me not to do that. I recommend this only if you want to up your quota of freaky things seen in this lifetime. Other than that, skip away quickly.

Bee Season

Sep. 21st, 2005 09:07 pm
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If you haven't read the book by Myla Goldberg, go do it now.
Bee Season will be out in theaters on November 11th.
I'm not sure the big screen can do the book justice, but it should be fun to see what the director comes up with.
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That almost killed me I might add. Geez. I walked because parking would be a bitch. I didn't take my bike because I didn't think I should operate a moving vehicle. Needless to say, I need to rest now. Good thing I picked up an extra book to go along with my regular fare.

The reason for more boring "I <3 libraries" talk is because I have to tell [ profile] yarbiedoll about the Art and Music section. The 5th Floor. Yes, that's right, an entire floor dedicated to art and music. I actually went upstairs looking for a book on crocheting with beads, but I heard angels singing as I stepped off the elevator and went to explore. I don't think I've seen a library this well equipped in art and music ever.

Movies galore. It's better than any video rental store.
The vinyl records. I think they had just about everything.
A great assortment of cds.
The piece de resistance? An entire wall of sheet music. Scores of piano music. And I'm not talking a 5 x 8 rectangle of wall-space. Think D. H. Hill and think of one of the rows in the stacks, 9th floor is probably a good imaginary space. Imagine one of those filled from Brahms to Stravinsky with two rows dedicated to Haydn. Sheet music as far as the eye can see. I may have blacked out in the glory. I desperately want my piano here so I can check out music.
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I have no clue what year A Night at the Roxbury came out, but I just saw it.
I loved it.
It's one of those funny but don't have to think about it kind of movies. And the soundtrack rocks '80s style.
And so cheesy. Gotta love it.

OK, so back to the grindstone.
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I can go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!!
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A moment of tribute and celebration for Anne Bancroft.

Her death is a downer on this gloomy rainy day in what is suppose to be sunny California.

The happy notes for the day are an empty plant bin and RTL picked out her own clothes to wear today. Three days straight! This could also have a lot to do with the fact that I've forced her to purge the closet. How many times did I hear " I forgot I had that" during the process. Now I just have to prevent a huge influx of new apparel for a couple of months.

I'm looking forward to the next Harry Potter book and movie installment. Still more than a month away for both, however I won't be lined up waiting for the bookstore to open at midnight and nope, I haven't pre-ordered anything.

I need to call my dear friend F and see how the baby is doing. It's just a little difficult with the time change and I don't want to call when the baby is sleeping or eating.
I need to call home as well.

And if anybody wants Dexter, well, I'm willing to send him to a home that is willing to feed him toilet paper, preferably off the roll. He has no brand preference.
You laugh all you want because you don't have to live with it. I'm tired of getting up in the morning and finding the house tp-ed inside. He's about to start sleeping in the crate again instead of his nice cushy bed. Although, I do have to laugh because he hides bits of toilet paper the way most dogs hide bones. Don't tell him that though.


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