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This question is mostly posed to those who shop/cook for two, but I'm not discriminating because I'm curious. How much do you guys spend on groceries in a week? Rough estimate.

I'm wondering because I have officially changed places where I shop. I was going to probably 3 different stores on a regular basis because they are all within a 1 mile range of the house and each store had certain things that were better priced. Well, the Larry's market that I was doing most of my shopping at has officially changed to a Tops. Not sure what I can compare it to except the IGA that my grandmother did most of her shopping at which either was exceptionally cheap or grossly overpriced depending on what item you were buying. Larry's was the preferred place since Berkeley Bowl is 12 hours away. Ronette and I made one last excursion through Larry's/Tops and had such a bad shopping experience that we decided it was time to move on. We were buying for a group meal, spent $110, and had 1 lb of coffee thrown in because the store manager didn't know the code. I freecycled the coffee because it was NASTY. They dumped all the good brands.

We nixed Albertson's because it's too far away. Safeway was nixed because the closest one has got to be one of the oldest ones and is gross all the time. Tried QFC, but the reason I don't do all shopping there is because I know that if I buy things like nuts, Trader Joe's is cheaper. So we decided to give Whole Paycheck a chance. We had a pleasant shopping experience. We redeemed them back to Whole Foods and I was excited to find bulk food bins of hard to find items like spelt flour. Then someone said that we just HAD to go to a PCC, they LOVE PCC. Horrible Horrible Horrible All the fruits and veggies are organic, no choice of non-organic and most of it isn't even local. Sorry, organic from Honduras doesn't cut it. We spent $60 for 2 nights worth of dinner and that was already having meat in the freezer.

Today I return to Whole Foods and spent $120. I have breakfast, lunch & dinner for the next week. I bought meat and I bought my $10 worth of sushi for lunch. So yeah, I'm curious about what other people are spending for a weeks worth of groceries.
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You know something is up when someone asks if you're coming home for the holidays, but then completely changes the subject when you ask "what's up?"

You know you're loved even when you're being evil and the person is still being nice to you.
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Hallmark movies + PMS = Not Good
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Ya know, it's amazing the information you can find on the internet if you know the right places to look.
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We're all rather quiet today.
It must be Monday after the rather evil DST time change.
Thank goodness we got our hour back.
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I forgot how much good music I own. I'm sitting here with party shuffle going on iTunes and I'm listening to stuff I haven't listened to in a long time.

Technology is good, but sometimes it gets in the way.
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Is it a little sick that I have put the Left Behind books on the same shelf as all of the Anne Rice and the Harry Potter books?

It seems so wrong, but it feels so right.
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So here I am home alone, late at night, going through stuff that I didn't think I needed to go through, but you know, because it's there syndrome kicks in. What do I find mysteriously shoved into a pile of resumes and what not (there was an instructional sheet on how to extract zip files) but three emails sent to me in February 1997. One if from my friend Adam who randomly falls off the face of the earth and reappears with emails like this one. The other two are from a fraternity brother (ASU) that I have no idea how I met. Perhaps sectionals? I looked him up to see if I recognized him and he's a professor at Central Michigan now. Utterly bizarro. It reminds me of that saying of how people come into your life and some stay and some are just meant to go.
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I love the fact that when one person on the block mows the lawn, at least two other people drag out the lawn mowers too.


Jun. 14th, 2006 01:16 pm
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Why don't real life motorcycle cops look like Larry Wilcox or Erik Estrada?
I saw one as I was out grocery shopping this morning.
Well, I saw the bike and then had to look for the cop.
Not yummy at all.
And then he put on his helmet, got on the bike and drove off.
Completely ruined my love for motorcycle cops.
Isn't it a law that you have to be yummy looking to ride a motorcycle?
If it's not, it should be. It would save many a heartbreak.

Last seen

Jun. 13th, 2006 04:01 pm
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Suspect seen making getaway heading west on Big Wheel.
Wanted for slobbering.
May be armed with drool.

No reward, but this little boy was speeding down the dock in Ketchican. I had to take a picture for the hair. Mohawks seemed to be very popular in Alaska.
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I've observed a strange collection of people this weekend or at least encountered something linked to someone who probably is very strange.

First - the note left on the car telling me that by driving a SUV that I don't live up to the bumper sticker on the car. (The worst thing in society is ignorance.)

then, the chick driving the hybrid who literally passed me, got back in front of me and slammed on brakes for no apparent reason other than to make me notice her "SUV = Death" bumper sticker.

Here's what I would like to say to them - Ummmm, yeah, I drive an SUV. It's paid off. It's in good shape considering it's age. It gets better gas mileage than the Ford Focus I owned. It's also shared between two people and it gets driven a lot less than your hybrid. And I walk or ride my bike to most of the places where I've already seen your bumper sticker.

Lastly - I drove to Safeway yesterday afternoon to buy a few groceries for the next couple of days. I pulled into a parking spot and noticed that there was a man standing in front of the car across from me. I was very intrigued watching this man as he carefully pulled a cigarette from it's pack, lit it and began to smoke. What I found so interesting was that this man was smoking a pack of very American red label Malboroughs just as he was dressed very deliberately in what I would call the "American boy next door"fashion. Fascinating. It wasn't like he was just standing around smoking a cigarette and being dressed in a polo shirt and khakis, the style and brand was very deliberate. And he was smoking the cigarette James Dean style.

Then he pops the hood of his car. He's messing around under the hood (Look ma! more apple pie American details.) and he takes out this white filter looking thing. This is the point where I realize that I believe he drives a hybrid because under the hood doesn't look similar to gas engine cars, so I continued to watch him. (He was really fascinating) He starts shaking the white filter thing - far away from his body so he won't get dirty. It looks at it every so often and I guess it wasn't getting as clean as he wanted it to be. Yes, he is still smoking the cigarette. I see him get this thought in his head about how to get the filter thing cleaner. He looks at the car in front of him (the one parked beside me), looks covertly around and smacks the hood of the car with the white filter thing a couple of times. Oh no he didn't! Yes, he did. I guess he didn't notice me in my big American SUV. I couldn't believe that he decided it was OK to clean his filter on someone else's car. No, I didn't say anything to him, I was too busy being the fly on the wall observing. What can I say, people are strange especially when they don't think anyone else is looking.
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I have to post this question to all the runners and maybe even joggers out there because I simply have to know.

There is a woman in the neighborhood who runs every evening between 5 and 6 p.m. I have no clue where my street is on her daily run path or whether we are at the beginning, middle or end. We refer to her as Orgasm Runner. OK, so that's not nice to call her names, but when she runs through the neighborhood you can hear her coming from 3 blocks away, pun intended. She sounds like a woman in the throes of passion - she moans, she grunts and has on several occasions yelled things like "Oh god!" and "yes!". Maybe she really is having an orgasm while she runs. However, this is the first person I've ever seen/heard running where they make more sound than the heavy breathing of exertion.

Is this common for running? She's really fast, so it's kind of neat to watch her swoosh by the house. Last night I got to watch her in the rear view mirror, the white shirt she was wearing went from a wee speck to a blur to a wee speck in the distance as she continued down the road.
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I had to take RTL to SFO this morning. Of course that meant driving home alone, so I had the radio to occupy my time. I was listening to NPR and heard this interesting commentary on Eid al-Adh at the Mall of America. You can listen to it here. I thought it was an interesting reflection of America.

And the other story that I thought was interesting was this one about a Minnesota man named Jonathon Sharkey who is starting his political campaign today. He just so happens to be a satanic priest with the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party.
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This was sent to me in an email and I don't have a person to credit for the thought.

Think about this:
A car company can move its factories to Mexico and claim it's a free market.
A toy company can out source to a Chinese subcontractor and claim it's a free market.
A shoe company can produce its shoes in south East Asia and claim it's a free market.
A major bank can incorporate in Bermuda to avoid taxes and claim it's a free market.
We can buy HP Printers made in Mexico. We can buy shirts made in Bangladesh.

We can purchase almost anything we want from 20 different countries. BUT, heaven help the elderly who dare to buy their prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy.
That's called un-American and you think the pharmaceutical companies don't have a powerful lobby? Think again!

I won't get on my soapbox about pharmaceutical companies and prescription drugs, but I had never thought about this issue from the perspective of all the other things that we are able to buy from other countries.
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RTL and I went Christmas shopping over the weekend. We made our list and were on a mission. Part of our mission included going to Barnes and Noble. To keep our stay in B&N to a minumum, we did the smart thing by each taking a name and splitting up then reconvening to concur that our selections were OK with the other.

In my search for a particular gift, I ended up in the gardening section with two teenage boys camped out in the middle of the aisle. I have to admit that I was admiring their studious-ness. Then I ended up close enough to hear their conversation and thought I was going to die from holding in the laughter.

Boy 1: Well, we can't plant outside because someone will rip off our plants.
Boy 2: Yeah, I think the greenhouse idea is perfect.
Boy 1: It's better than planting inside.
Boy 2: Where are you going to get seeds?
Boy 1: Don't know.
Boy 2: I though you were going to call your ex?
Boy 1: Why would I call my ex?
Boy 2: You said you were going to get seeds from your dealer and isn't your ex your dealer?

The conversation got better from there, but I had to leave the scene of the crime before I died from side splitting laughter. Although I don't think marijuana is a good growing choice for them, I have to give them credit for the research and thought that they were putting into the process.
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I like that I can see Venus out the living room window while sitting on the couch.
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The Most Unsafe Places to Live in the U.S.

1 Camden, NJ
2 Detroit, MI
3 St. Louis, MO
4 Flint, MI
5 Richmond, VA
6 Baltimore, MD
7 Atlanta, GA
8 New Orleans, LA
9 Gary, IN
10 Birmingham, AL
11 Richmond, CA
12 Cleveland, OH
13 Washington, DC
14 West Palm Beach, FL
15 Compton, CA
16 Memphis, TN
17 Dayton, OH
18 San Bernardino, CA
19 Springfield, MA
20 Cincinnati, OH
21 Oakland, CA
22 Dallas, TX
23 Newark, NJ
24 Hartford, CT
25 Little Rock, AR

Let me point out that I lived for 7 years in #5.
I also live in a city smack dab between #11 and #21.
At least Richmond has moved further down the list that it was when I lived there.
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I just saw a news article where the publishers of Goodnight Moon have edited a photograph of the illustrator Clement Hurd for the new edition so that he no longer is shown with a cigarette in his hand.
I've read Goodnight Moon countless times and I've never noticed the cigarette in his hand. I know that kids are more perceptive than adults, but I'm not sure how many would notice the cigarette in his hand. I'm also not sure that children would find the picture of him smoking as inspiration to take up the habit. Are we so paranoid that the slightest thing could set our children off onto a road of destruction and mayhem? I'm sure they wouldn't approve of my parent's anti-smoking campaign. Oh well. I'm off to seek out an unadulterated copy of Goodnight Moon for my collection.


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