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Let's see, not feeling pregnant yet. :) Although I do feel crappy. I was on the couch asleep at 7:30 last night. Not sure what was up with that, I did email the nurse asking about infection symptoms post IUI. Not freaking out, but just covering all bases. Today still not feeling great and combined with the rain - blah! - and the need to do some house stuff I'm not very motivated to do anything but sit on the couch and read.

And all you East coast people who are happy with the snow. Enjoy it but PLEASE don't send it my way. I'm done with winter. It's time for spring and flowers and sunshine and not having to crank the heat up.

Yesterday was also the day for weird things. I freecycled the dog house that was left from the previous owners. So I get this email from a lady interested. Fantastic! I'm getting this thing out of my yard. Then she asks if Lester is my maiden or married name because she keeps finding Lester's that she is related to through Freecycle. Weird, but I write her back and tell her Lester is my maiden name and that Lester comes to me via Kansas. So she writes back explaining she is a genealogy freak and starts giving me the whole Native American part of the Lester genealogy. At which point I yell out to Ronette "Holy sh*t! I might be related to this chick!" So hopefully if she comes by today to get the dog house I'll be able to meet her and talk to her. I emailed my cousin who has done a lot of research on my family so I'm waiting to hear back from her as well.
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I've been fairly silent for a few days. Nothing dramatic, just busy doing other things.

Finally managed to get the fire pit sold. Still have some chairs that I would like to go, but someone is going to need them in order for them to get gone. Got rid of books galore, but then people will gladly take stuff when it's free. I have a bunch of other stuff that needs to be posted, which I will get around to doing sometime this week. Maybe Friday.

I encouraged Ronette in purchasing the H2O Steam mop. We decided to check it out for 30 days to see if we like it. I haven't tested it out yet, I must sweep the floors first. However I have been blasting everything that I can possibly blast with the handheld steam cleaner thingy. I like it. Cleaned my kitchen sink and the counter tops fabulously.

Started looking at school and grad programs. It's time to do that. The wheels in my head also started turning as we were watching an organizing show on TV and I realized that I could do that. I would be a great professional organizer. So we're looking into that. And I think I'm going to get Ronette to post some fliers up around campus for me to do some Mother's day blankets. Looking at too as a way to sell my crafty stuff. Like I said, the wheels are turning.

Our friend Michelle is coming next week which is VERY exciting.

And I think that's about it for now. I need to go to the post office and mail books. Then I think I'm going to the library to check out some stuff.
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Because we won't be here New Year's eve and I must have the house absolutely clean before the new year starts, I have been cleaning like a mad woman. It's a tradition thing - the whole out with the old, in with the new. It's my "clean" start for the new year. The only thing that I'll be sad (and will have to make up for when we get back) is fixing a traditional new year's day meal. I just don't think I'll be able to get collard greens or black eye peas in Bermuda. So I'm cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and just about done except for the floors and the office. The office is my goal today. Right now it's a cluttered mess and things have got to go.

Still working on getting the ballet video.

Ronette came home safe and sound yesterday. A two hour drive home from the airport in 5 o'clock traffic, but home. And she brought me yummies back. Cheese. Stinky cheese. Unpasteurized French milk cheese. No brie this time, but a similar soft cheese that I can't remember the name of. When I open it, I will post what it is called.

OK, so Bonnie and I are going to slave away while I listen to holiday music.
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I have beaten my previous daily posting record of 8 posts by 3.
I have a total of 11 posts and I still have 26 minutes left of the day.
I have to thank George and [info]curefreak for the inspiration.
I will also be thoroughly impressed with all those who are blogging on July 28th in Blogathon 2007.
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So it was just a fleeting thought. The comments were persuasive, but ultimately I decided that [ profile] yesimthegirl keeps me with just a bit more anonymity than my other choice. And it is me. So I'm off my "everybody else has cooler LJ names" kick.

Now I'm back to reorganizing the bathroom/beauty junk.
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I was reminded by another post that I should go through and clean out all of my bookmarks.
Now, someone please tell me why I have so much crappy stuff bookmarked?
I mean, really, about half of it is crappy.
Why did I want to save that particular link?
And the stuff that I really want to refer back to is all jammed up with all the crap.
Cleaning it out right now.
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Giada De Laurentiis annoys me.
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I smell a nice clean refrigerator. It was smelling mighty funky. Now it smells funky fresh. :)
I have also managed to wash both dog beds so we can donate them and clean out the coat closet.
Now I need to get ready for PT.
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School must be out as I just had the enjoyment of watching a group of boys attempt to toss a pair of Chucks up on the phone line. Might I add, a perfectly good pair of Chucks. Anyway after about 15 minutes and who knows how many tries, I now have a pair of black Chucks hanging on the phone line in front of my house. Great, isn't there an urban legend that the shoes signify what kind of drugs you can get wherever they are hanging?
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I went this morning and had my MRI done. Wow! They really mean it about the clautrophobia. The tech pushed me in and I asked to come right back out. It was a bit startling to my senses. But I managed through all twenty minutes while they imaged me. Now I don't have an appointment with the spine doctor until next week. But the current meds are working wonders and I can sleep so I'll be patient.

The cat found a bag of catnip in the office and tore the baggy to shreds. Now she is laid out in the middle of the floor high as a kite. Weird cat. Since I'm having trouble concentrating on my typing I'm ending this before it becomes too much gibberish.
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First of all my fridge smells.
No, no science experiment gone unnoticed.
It's the cheese Ronette brought back from France, specifically the very stinky (but very tasty) brie.
However, my "issue" at the moment is that I was vacuuming upstairs.
OK, so I wasn't vacuuming, the Roomba was vacuuming.
And I've lost the Roomba.
Really, I can't find the stupid thing.
I've looked under everything.
And she didn't go back to homebase.
And she stopped beeping.
And I've looked under everything I thought possible.
I can't find her.
This isn't good because I need to finish vaccuming.
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Oh my goodness, I've been on the computer since I returned home this afternoon. It started with trying to clean out the 999 messages that have been sitting in the Inbox just waiting for me to do something with them. So I did. I started deleting. And answering some. Filing some. Actually doing some surveys that have just been sitting there. Four hours later I have 12 messages. Although this does not count all of the Daily Candies that I now need to sort through. Ahhh, but I have a folder dedicated just to them.

Decided that I was actually going to bed before midnight. I figure I'll just get up earlier and do all the things I should have gotten accomplished today. Namely, clean up the pig sty of a kitchen. I believe I'll be sorting things out on the dining room table, then putting them where they belong. Anyway, I realized in my nightly rituals that it was raining and after Saturday's mishap I thought to check my car and make sure I actually closed the sunroof this time. (Yes, yes. I believe blonde is my middle name.) But I saw the bunny who lives in my yard with the frog. And it made me so happy that I wanted to share.

Good night all. And someone remind me mail these two packages tomorrow.
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I think elephants live upstairs.
Well, I know that there really aren't elephants but the couple who live in the apartment above us certainly sound like a herd of elephants. I do have a question for them though. I want to know what they make for breakfast every morning that involves pounding the counter for 15 minutes.

OK, enough chattiness this early in the morning. I'm going back to bed.
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Waiting for Ronette to come home so we can go into downtown and get our rings. We bought new bands a couple of months ago and had to wait for them to be made. It's very exciting and now my ring finger won't feel so lonely and plain anymore.

And I think I'm going to make her go back to DSW so I can buy a pair of shoes. Not the $399.99 clearance ones, but another pair that I slept on and still want.

We have our final walk-through of the house Sunday evening. Woo Hoo! We're making a list of questions for the current owner because we managed to wrangle some of her time during the walk-through. It will be nice to know what the floors are and where she bought some of the fixtures and such. I don't think we'll tell her that we're ripping out her counter tops though.

OK, I guess I should go put on some better clothes for walking around Seattle.
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Oh, am I tired to day. I guess it doesn't help that I didn't go to bed until 3:30 this morning. Sadly I wasn't doing anything fun. I was on an organization roll cleaning up a bunch of stuff that I brought with me to temp housing. Which meant cleaning up my mess before the cleaning people showed up this morning. Which they did bright and early. Good thing because now I get to run errands this afternoon and not worry about the dog being in the crate all day. Now I guess I'll go grab some lunch before heading out.
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So what does the hand gesture look like that accompanies that phrase.
I know it's similar to Spock's live long and prosper, but it's not quite the same.
The answer is driving me crazy.
I even looked it up online. All references describe the hand gesture as similar to Spock's.
Anybody remember? If not, I've got the first DVD of season 1 showing up on my doorstep this week.
I can't believe I can't remember. I keep thinking that I'll be washing dishes and suddenly figure it out, but so far nada.
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Just checking in.
Still don't have a kitchen faucet. Actually ended up calling a plumber to come finish it tomorrow because I sprained my wrist trying to get the caulked in nipple off. Oh well. I'm cleaning up a storm so that my only duty tomorrow is to sit here and look pretty. Ronette and I did take a short break to grab some lunch at the How Berkeley Are You festival. I just have to say that the Haight Street Fair has nothing on Berkeley, all the freaks are here. I love it!!!! Too bad Ronette and I forgot to grab the camera. The art cars were fabulous. Found a tasty Ethiopian restaurant last night randomly driving down Telegraph. Much better than the first Ethiopian we tried. That's about it. I've got a deadline to my house cleaning so now it's off to put clean sheets on the bed.
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How is it that nothing exciting happens around here until Ronette leaves for a trip?

Besides the parking lot of a street this afternoon, I can hear a couple of people out in the street having a yelling match. Something about "why did you honk your horn at me?" vs "I wasn't honking at you". No idea. But there is always some kind of mishap going on out there when I'm home alone. Weird.
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I'm feeling a little sluggish today.
I was up at 5:30 this morning. I had to iron RTL's shirt. I was nice and even made breakfast.
Then I went back to bed.
Lazy me.

Well, I played around a bit on LJ and checked email before I actually made it into bed.
I managed to finish reading my trash book before I fell asleep.
The cat was snuggly with me. I was warm. I could take up the entire bed without an elbow in my rib. And it's raining.
Wonderfully peaceful.

Now it's 12:30 and I've been up for about an hour.
I've been doing the financial stuff for the end of the month.
I'm pleased with that. I finally managed to change over all the monthly occuring stuff that we had set up on a credit card. Now I won't have to send them money unless we put something on that card. *pats self on back*

Now I guess I should go scrounge up something to eat. Then I'll finish re-painting some walls.
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I started off my day with an email from my friend Warren asking
What does it mean when you're driving to work across the I-195 bridge and a deer carcass flies (and bounces) across four lanes of traffic in front of you?

Here are some of the creative reasons that have been given -

Some redneck killed a deer out of season and didn't tie it down well enough.

That's Santa's newest reindeer - Bouncer!

Daniel Boone was visiting Richmond maybe, and he needed some knew shoes.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he.
Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
He was brave, he was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree.

From the coonskin cap on the top of ol Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoe
The rippin'est roarin'est fightin'est man the frontier ever knew.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
And he fought for America to make all Americans free.
What a Boone. What a wonder. What a dream comer truer was he.

My favorite -

Bouncer the blood-soaked reindeer
Had a very smooshed in nose
And if you ever saw it
You would really think it's gross

All of the Powhite drivers
Used to scream and curse his name
They bounced him off the concrete
Then called in their insurance claims

Let's face it, I know some twisted people.


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