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Because the United States Postal Service SUCKS.

We moved in November. We signed up for the nifty Premium Forwarding Service. We never got mail. Our realtor found our mail shoved through the mail slot or tossed on the back porch. She was very kind and sent it to us twice until I put a hold on all the mail. In the meantime, we have called the Berkeley post 27 billion times and gone to the Redmond post for them to help us out and calling the USPS 800 number gets you no where except on hold with the Berkeley post office.

In January when we were in San Francisco, we went to the post office and basically ended up pitching a fit because they couldn't find and had no idea where to find two months worth of our mail. Thank goodness for the internet, at least I could go online and check to make sure no one was owed anything.

Yesterday, I got not one, not two but SEVEN!!!! packages from the Berkeley post office. And part of the mail isn't even ours. It belongs to the people who bought the house! Really sad was the box of Harry & David pears that had been sitting so long at the post office they had rotted in the box AND they were for the new owners. And somehow we also ended up with a good portion of an outgoing mail bag. Yep, hope there weren't any checks to pay bills in that stack. So I'm going to go drop all that stuff back in the mail slot so it can go on it's way to where it was suppose to go.

So great going USPS. Glad that you deliver in rain, sleet, snow and ice but you can't seem to get things where they're meant to go any other time.
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1. I can't sleep.
2. I won't be able to catch up on sleep when she gets back.
3. I didn't get to go off galivanting in Europe.
4. Sometimes I need someone to freak out with me.
5. I can't bitch at her when she sends me stupid emails of things to do.
6. Sometimes it's just a sucky week.
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I was talking to my dad the other day about my Grandma. Now, I have to explain that my Grandma is mean. Not in that "I've gotten old and can say whatever I want" mean, Grandma could compete in a meanness competition and win because all the other competitors would forfeit once they knew she was playing. As healthy as Grandma is, my dad had to put her in an assisted living facility because she refuses to do anything for herself. Not that she couldn't, but she won't. In all fairness, her ability to be mobile has deteriorated in the past five years. Atlhough, I do believe that is more of her unwillingness than her actual ability, but I digress.

Dad was telling me that if I went to a thrift store or cleaned out my closet, to look for and send clothes his way for Grandma. OK, I said, but why? He kept most of her clothes at his house so that her space wouldn't be overflowing. (Grandma was/is a clothes horse) Several of us have bought new clothes for her when she has complained that she has nothing to wear. Apparently, whenever anything is taken to Grandma within a week these new items disappear. Her drawers are empty and the only thing hanging in the closet is a sweater. She's an old woman, she has nothing, why steal her clothes? But if that wasn't bad enough her dentures have walked off, her glasses are missing and the final straw for dad was that her wheelchair wheeled itself away. The social worker had no explanation and spent 30 minutes of my dad's last visit hemming and hawing about what happened to the wheelchair. Now, I understand what it's like to not want to be around my Grandma, but you don't steal a woman's wheelchair just because you know she can't run after you.

As much as I really don't like grandma, I really do feel sorry for her. She's at a point where she has to depend on other people to take care of her, but the people that my dad has entrusted (and who get paid a lot of money to do their job) aren't holding up their end of the bargain. All I can think is that if assisted living facilities and nursing homes are this bad now, what is it going to be like when the mass of baby boomers need this kind of skilled care? Do I really want to have to resort to assisted resources when I hit my 80's?
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Let's bitch about bras today.
Do bra manufacturers really think about what they are doing when they design a bra?

It's almost like they make a model for an A or B cup, then think adding more material will work fine for larger cup sizes. What works for A/B doesn't work for C/D/DD/and up.

So you go out and buy a new bra. First, you shell out a lot of money for a single bra. The last bra I bought was about $40 with tax and that sucker was on sale. Even the really ugly bras are not that cheap. Now I'm sure there are women out there who would say that buying bras at Wal-mart or Target is an excellent idea. I'm not knocking that as a choice. I think if I had smaller breasts, I would probably do that. As it is every bra that I've ever tried from one of the mentioned stores has gone into the trash heap after a couple of wears because if it ain't comfortable, I'm not going to wear it.

Now that you've spent money on a bra after trying it on in the store, you take it home, cut off the tags and prepare to wear it. After a couple of hours, you realize that a wire is digging into your underarm or ribcage. Discreetly adjusting the problem works for a while. Later on you realize that the other underwire is doing the same thing and you can't wait to get home so that you can take the damn thing off. You try wearing the bra a few more times, you experience the same problems, finally you give up by tossing the new bra and going back to the old bra that you luckily hadn't given up yet just in case.

Other problems include the shoulder straps that don't stay adjusted, shoulder straps that are set wide enough apart for a line backer, shoulder straps that are wide enough to create the illusion of shoulder pads, the middle section of the bra front that is wide enough to be used as a bullet proof vest, and the hooks that bend out of place for no apparent reason.

Now, if bra stores offered a money-back guarantee, it might make things better. Then you could return a bra even after wearing it a few times. Even better would be a test-drive option for bras. Pick out a few styles, try them out for a week, return what didn't work and buy what you liked.

And what's up with the injection-molded-padded-push-up bras for large cup sizes? It doesn't really do anything except give your boobs a place to jiggle around in. Kind of like wearing a breast plate.

One day I'll invent the perfect bra and save womankind from the torture devices that exist on the market today. Until then, I'll suffer along with everyone else. Hell, I live in Berkeley, I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to. I think I'll have a little bonfire tonight.
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OK, so I'm really not blind as a bat (plus I don't have that fantastic radar system to get around), but I faced it a long time ago that without something to correct my vision I can't see squat. I'm also fortunate enough to have vision coverage with my health insurance. Theorectically that should make going to the eye doctor and getting glasses cheaper, but I'm not convinced. Now it is my fault that I waited until the end of the year to go see the eye doc along with everyone else who went before their 2005 benefits ran out. I don't think that should make a difference in making my life hell just to get a new pair of glasses.

First, I had to see a new doctor. That's fine, I've got going to the eye doc down pat. I must say that I was quite excited to have a digital scan (or whatever it is) of my eyes and not the glaucoma puff test. I wasn't thrilled with the doctor, but when you must see "in-network" you have to deal with it. That was the end of December. Jump forward to the second week of January when my glasses were finally ready. I put them on and look around. I feel like I've been drinking for a couple of days straight. I've had enough new glasses to know something ain't quite right. He says that I'm sensitive to the prisms. I don't think so. He gives me a hard time because I'm not willing to try the prisms for a while. I'm about to break down in tears and he gives me the fine, I'll send them back and have the prisms taken out.

So my glasses were ready again today. I can see this time, but the room is still moving. I don't think this should be happening. If anybody else can explain to me that this might be normal, please explain away. He does a bunch of stuff to prove to me that the prescription should be fine. OK, but the room shouldn't be moving if I'm standing still. So he re-measures my eye position and that's off, so he has agreed to send them back again. Which means it will be the end of February before I might get my new glasses. I've never had to wait 2 months for new glasses. I've also never had glasses that I couldn't wear. And I'm pissed off and want to bitch. Tomorrow I'm going to call customer service and find out what I can do if they still aren't right when I get them back.
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So one of my errands yesterday was to go to the library. I still need to get my own library card, so I'm using RTL's for the time being. I forgot to take a piece of mail addressed to me to prove that I am a Berkeley resident. I'll remember when I return the books I checked out.

I love reading. I also like not having to pay for books that turn out to be no good. When I lived in Richmond, I went to the library all the time. The library was right across the street. The library here is a wee bit further away, but not by much. I forgot how much I like the library. Yay for the public library.

The other thing that I got to learn about yesterday was the new check out system. Berkeley has installed a RFID system to make checking out books faster and easier. However, this has caused an uproar among Berkeley residents. I can't decide if it's good or bad. After waiting in a long line, it took me 2 seconds to check out my book choice. However, do I really want to be riding the BART with an RFID sending out a small radio frequency? I think it falls into the same line as the government having access to my library records. Just because I check out Catcher in the Rye or The Anarchist's Cookbook does not mean that I'm up to no good. Knowledge is power. It reminds me of the place in Berlin where Hitler had all the books he didn't want other people to read burned.

OK, off that rant. I love the library (RFID system be damned) and now I'm going to go read while I fix my Season Pass list.
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I just caught my neighbor (the one who fights with his wife all the time) taking the cans and plastic bottles out of my recycling bin! Rudeness in spades. It also doesn't help that his English is not good, so I can't yell at him and tell him to go pick through his own recycling.

I had stopped putting out recycling at night because inevitably someone will start going through the bin at 3 a.m. However, recycling has to be out by 7 a.m., but it defeats the purpose if you put it out at 6:59 and your neighbor cleans it out at 7:01.

So why am I complaining? Because my recycling helps keep my city taxes low. Berkeley collects recycling then sells the material for funds that go back into the city. Therefore costs for schools, libraries, parks and other city services stay low. Which means my neighbor is stealing and causing my city/property taxes to go up.

So I'm just going to start recycling all the good stuff myself. Cardboard and the big bottles that no one wants can go in the bin, but the creme de la creme will be carted away by me and me alone. Hell, I might even take my soda cans to the place that buys them. That should be a couple of dollars a week.


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