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It's snowing again. What is up with Mother Nature? It was beautiful today. Bonnie and I sat out in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine. Yes, I still had to grab my sweater because it was a little chilly, but I had blue skies and sunshine and NO SNOW!!!!!

I just looked out the window and saw that there was precipitation raining *snort* from the sky. Lo and behold, what I thought was rain is snow - white fluffy flakes of snow. NOOOOOOOOO! No more, please.

All weekend, it's been snow, snow and more snow. Where is my spring? The snow has certainly curtailed most of our activities this weekend. Friday we stayed home because of snow. Saturday we all had haircuts. Melted snow on Saturday morning so that was OK. We went into Seattle for Ronette's hair. Carol and I hung out at the Experience Music Project. I love that place. And I'm excited that they are making a permanent Jimi Hendrix installation. Ronette's hair took 4 hours!!!!! So we missed going into the sci-fi side again since we were waiting for her. That's OK. The new Hendrix installation will be done at the end of the month so I want to go see what kind of changes they made to the original exhibit.

We ordered pizza Saturday night for dinner and were the last delivery of the night at 8:30 because of what? Did you say snow? Yes, of course, you are 110% correct. It was snowing and the poor delivery driver couldn't make it up the slight hill in front of the house so I gave him advice for getting back down the hill safely. And he was cute too.

Sunday we didn't get dirt like we had planned because of more snow. Off and on all day. Sticking to everything. Bonnie had a grand time of it though.

And now after my beautiful, I think the icky weather is done day I get snow.
End of story, I'm done with winter.
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This one was taken in the dark, but you can sort of see Bonnie biting at the snow last night.

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I implemented weekly movie nights with Ronette as a way for some quality time together. Also, to get through this stack of movies that we have sitting here that we keep meaning to watch. We picked Friday for movie nights because that's the one day where we both look at each other and say "do we have to go out?" So Friday I went to the grocery store and bought pizza toppings and made pizza dough. I added buffalo wings to that, but I laugh because I baked them instead of frying them making our junk food night relatively healthy.

We watched The Night Listener and Not Another Teen Movie. Liked The Night Listerner, but it moved rather slowly for me. I was also surprised at how short the movie was. And I love crappy teen movies so anything that makes fun of teen movies is great. Unrated versions rule!

Saturday the plan was to head up to Everett to McCabes the cowboy bar for a little line dancing. Longbranch is a little bit too far away. However plans to do that were waylaid as we overheard a woman in the grocery store on the phone saying "You've got to be kidding me! Everett has how much snow?!?!?!?" We definitely weren't going to Everett with snow on the ground and the threat that it was suppose to snow in our area all weekend. Ended up making beef stew and inviting Carol over and watching Brokeback Mountain finally. Again, another movie that moved slow as molasses. Good, but there were a couple of scenes that were a bit too much for me. Spit scene - that's all I have to say. And it didn't snow enough to stick here.

On Sunday, Carol and I went and saw Atonement while Ronette headed into work. Long sloooowww movie. It was good, but man! what's up with the slow? I also thought the little girl in the movie needed a spanking.

Today we woke up to the snow that was suppose to be here this weekend. It's pretty. I love how snow makes everything quiet. All the schools were out today, so it's been fun to hear all the kids (little to big) scream as they slide down the hills. They've taken over the street on the side of the house. It's pretty fabulous. I want to find a sled and go down the hill. I'm also trying to get video of Bonnie playing in the snow. I have a bout 15 minutes that I'll cob together and edit, then post it later.

I also spent 3 hours on the phone with Ireland people. Thank goodness for VoIP. Lots of changes there. And they are still looking for their dog who ran away from the kennel over Christmas.

OK, I think that's about it. I have some outlets to replace.
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I love the rain here in Seattle. I hated the rain in San Francisco. Which was really strange because I LOVE rain. But the rain there is different.
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I think we've found THE house. Yesterday we did a little driving around after pulling the list of houses that were posted after the first of the year. We sort of moved our tolerance for pain up (i.e. price). Also deciding that if we're going to live on the Eastside, then we're going to have a BIG house this time around. And I think we've found IT. I'll post details if our offer gets accepted. Yep, we're moving on this one as fast as can be. Fingers crossed everybody.
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House in escrow. Woo Hoo! We close January 5th. Woo Hoo!

Now if we can just get the post office to deliver our mail here and not there. Our realtor discovered a mail tub full of our mail sitting on the back porch. The US Postal Service sucks.

We've been house hunting today. Found one that we really thought about putting a bid on until our realtor called and the sellers had just accepted another bid. *sigh* It was a really good house too. Oh well, if it's meant to be the current deal will fall through on it.

And now for those with dirty minds.
Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Ophelia Cox
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I'm sitting here at the computer thinking that I should go back to bed. I'm up now, so now sleepy-bye for me.

No news on an offer yet. Our realtor called around 7:30 last night to say that it was rather late if their realtor wanted to present an offer so she expected an answer/offer this morning. So I'm waiting on pins and needles with the next question being "is there anyway that this can fall through?" assuming we accept the offer.

We've found a house in Seattle that Ronette wanted to buy last week. OK, make that two weeks ago. But we're waiting on our house to sell. Which is probably a good thing because Ronette did a trial go-to-work run last week. 45 minutes to get from Seattle to Redmond. She wasn't extremely ecstatic about that, but it's better than the 1 1/2 that she had heard from several people. Then the big wind storm last week that has knocked out everyone's power happened. That's when everyone tells the real story on commute times. For weeks the party-line has been "45 minutes is average, you just have to watch for baseball games and concerts because they make the trek a little longer". Of course this is also dependent of what area of Seattle you live in, some places have better commute times than others. Then the storm. And everyone starts owning up to their two hour commute in the evening. (!!!!!!) Crazy!

Now we're looking on the eastside as well. The whole point of moving up here was being able to actually spend time together rather than Ronette commuting most of the week. Of course we started our preliminary searching at 3:30 in the afternoon while most of the eastside is still without power. It makes it difficult to find houses 1) in the dark, 2) with trees fallen down, 3) roads closed and 4) most missing their For Sale signs.

There is still traffic though, which is a bit of a wake-up call. San Francisco is bad, but I think Seattle may be worse. We had appointments for the eye doctor at 5:30/5:45 last night. Two miles away, we left at 5 and walked in right at 5:45. Two fricking miles! So I get to go back this afternoon. I'm hoping that part of the problem out here right now is everyone Christmas shopping. I think everyone went to the mall last night and took two cars for every two people. Crazy traffic.

Guess I'll go eat breakfast now and start on my projects.
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It goes, it slows, it stops and then it goes some more. What's interesting is that it's not really sticking on the ground. The sun is shining though.
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Saturday night aroung 10:30, as we were sitting drinking some wine, we heard the sound of dripping water. Upon investigation we realized that water was dripping from the ceiling into the dining room. When I went to the kitchen for a bucket, the entire floor of the kitchen was flooded. Ronette called the temporary housing people so they could call maintenance. (Don't ask, that's how they work it.) While I mopped, Ronette went up to the 2nd floor to figure out where all the fricking water was coming from. Teenage girl home alone freaking out because she doesn't know where the water is coming from. Ronette went to the 3rd floor and discovered that the water lines busted in the 3rd floor apartment. Apparently they came home to the flooding in their apartment, so no telling how long it had been going on. The worst part was that it totally killed the wine buzz.

So Sunday morning the temporary housing people call to say they are going to move us. Which is a good thing because even after the fire department and building maintenance sucked up water, the carpet was still so wet that when you walked on it little puddles of water came up.

Now we are closer to campus, about a 5 minute drive, compared to the 30 minute one we had before. Ronette went to work this morning. I get to unpack all the temporary stuff again. Not complaining, just dreading the 5 buckets of kitchen stuff to reorganize.

The next move should be into a new house. I think things are looking good on that front. We had a broker's open on Thursday for the Berkeley house. 42 brokers showed up and two asked their clients to go back after they saw it. And 84 people showed up for the open house on Sunday. The realtor said that there weren't many neighbors that came. Several disclosure packets have been requested so hopefully we'll have some offers to look at this week.

Now back to the unpacking.
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I'm tired of all the people in and out. It's been one inspection after another all week. The last one is scheduled on Monday. But there is no rest for the wicked it seems because the movers will be here on Tuesday. Ack! And I have to make piles.


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