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Last week, or was it the week before? Anyway I've been replacing all of the electrical outlets and light switches which was going steadily along until I realized that I needed 3 way switches and a couple of dimmers that didn't have the switch plates already attached. I went to Home Depot and found different dimmers than ones we had. The ones I was looking for is a rocker with a dimmer slide on the side - turn the switch on, then slide in place. Then I found the cooler ones which have an on/off switch but then have a 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% button. So I bought two to use downstairs in the rec room. I loved them so much I decided to replace the hall bath, our bedroom and the dining room switch with these. It's so awesome. So right now I'm patting myself on the back for my extreme handiness. Yay me!

Busy bee

Jan. 29th, 2008 06:38 pm
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I'm doing long neglected house stuff this week like finally finishing replacing the electrical outlets and light switches. I managed to replace what was left of the upstairs light switches. I'll work on the ones downstairs tomorrow. Although I have one switch which used to control one of the outlets and the outlet is no longer responding. I'll have to play with that one. Also replaced 8 outlets which doesn't seem like a lot, but it would certainly go a lot faster if Bonnie didn't need to help or think that me sitting in the floor means it's time to play. Let me tell you, it is hard to use a screwdriver with one hand while playing tug of war with a tank. Tomorrow I'll work on outlets and switches downstairs. And that's about it.
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Well, I knew that we had a peach tree by evidence of the butt-load (yes, [ profile] drmellow, I said butt again.) of peaches. Dad said that the other trees in the yard were definitely fruit trees but he couldn't figure out what kind. No leaves made it a bit difficult to guess at and they all three looked the same. And Ronette swore up and down that the one on the ledge smelled like a Jolly Rancher. Lo and behold, I've figured them out. One is a pear tree. Proven by the single dangling pear. That's right, I said single. Extremely odd I think. The squirrels and I fought for the right to peaches, but the squirrels didn't bother the pear tree. I probably would have figured that one out sooner if they had. The other two trees are apple trees. We are in Washington after all. It just so weird that it took all this time to discover what they were as Ronette and I had been checking them every week to see what delicious treat might be growing. And we had nothing. So all I need now is a partridge for my pear tree.
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Is it late enough for the little animals to start collecting stuff for their winter bed?
I watched the squirrel yesterday stuff his cheeks with the dead plants stalks out of the planter. I should have video taped it because it was really interesting to watch. And I've just realized that the bunny is up on the seond tier doing the same thing. Except when he gets distracted by the clicking of the keyboard.
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The bunny is in the backyard!!!!!
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Does that put him into perspective?
This is zoomed in as close as I could go with regular zoom.

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Here's Mr. Schwoopy.

I can't find the frog to take a picture of him. He hasn't been croaking as much lately either. And the deer keeps running by too fast to take a picture of him. And I haven't spotted the cougar yet. (yay!)
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Oh my goodness, I've been on the computer since I returned home this afternoon. It started with trying to clean out the 999 messages that have been sitting in the Inbox just waiting for me to do something with them. So I did. I started deleting. And answering some. Filing some. Actually doing some surveys that have just been sitting there. Four hours later I have 12 messages. Although this does not count all of the Daily Candies that I now need to sort through. Ahhh, but I have a folder dedicated just to them.

Decided that I was actually going to bed before midnight. I figure I'll just get up earlier and do all the things I should have gotten accomplished today. Namely, clean up the pig sty of a kitchen. I believe I'll be sorting things out on the dining room table, then putting them where they belong. Anyway, I realized in my nightly rituals that it was raining and after Saturday's mishap I thought to check my car and make sure I actually closed the sunroof this time. (Yes, yes. I believe blonde is my middle name.) But I saw the bunny who lives in my yard with the frog. And it made me so happy that I wanted to share.

Good night all. And someone remind me mail these two packages tomorrow.

Woo Hoo!

Mar. 23rd, 2007 05:08 pm
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Dining room table just got delivered. I had forgotten what it looked like, but I'm still digging it. I can actually have people over for dinner now. The cat is excited about it to as she immediately flopped down on it after approving of its' delivery. Last I checked, she was gazing out the window and reigning over her domain.

Things are beginning to shape up. Fewer boxes and more of our stuff. I still haven't found my shirts, but there are a couple of boxes in the garage waiting to see the light of day. It still feels like a big girl house though. And still feels a little surreal that we're here. That's got to end at some point.
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Behold! the transformation )
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I'm going back to the house and I'm taking some pictures today so ya'll can see all the progress. I really really really like the guy who is installing our floors.
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I'm heading over to the house to await furniture and the new stove. Hopefully, they'll get the stove in today. Floors should be started tomorrow, at least the laying and nailing down part. I get to put together furniture downstairs. whoppee! So much excitement.
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Hello my little monkeys!
I hope everyone is feeling loved today. If not, I'm sending lots of love your way right now.
~ ~ <3 ~ ~ <3 ~ ~ <3 ~ ~ <3 ~ ~ <3 ~ ~ <3 ~ ~
Did ya get it? or Did ya duck?

Ronette is leaving work early today. Her group is having a ski day tomorrow and is off on Friday because they did such a good job with their launch. Woo hoo! Which is great because I don't have to be alone with the carpet guys tomorrow or while our new furniture gets delivered. Tonight we're heading down to Ikea for some bookshelves and my new sewing table. Tomorrow will be spent putting together said bookshelves and cursing whoever wrote the directions for putting them together. I've also got plans to clean all surfaces that can and should be cleaned. We've got a few days of downtime while the wood floors acclimate themselves. I guess that means that I can put in new outlets and light switches as well.
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Paint is on the walls!!!! And after much trepidation with the color choices, they look pretty darn good. I'll post a picture as soon as I remember to take the camera back over to the house. Floors should be installed next week. At least the carpet in the bedrooms will be installed on Thursday along with the new stove being delivered. Oooooh! and we found a set of Varga pin-up girls that we'll frame for the downstairs bathroom. Things are moving right along.
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Went by the house last night and took some pictures. They demo-ed the kitchen ceiling yesterday. WooHoo! I can't believe that removing that section of drop ceiling could open up a space like that. I finally remembered to take the camera over for some before shots so I'm posting pictures today.

Burning down the house )
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Now I wait for the official "you can get into the house now" call.
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Papers are signed and we get keys on Wednesday. I think it's Wednesday. We have the final walk-through this evening and the seller moved out yesterday, so I'm not sure. Perhaps we'll get keys tonight. I have to clean house and go grocery shopping today. There's some summit for work and we've got a friend staying with us . . . Yeah, that's about as exciting as things are going to get today.

Oh, and I'm posting a pic of the new rings for [ profile] yarbiedoll to peruse. It's kind of hard to see the detail. The camera and I weren't getting along at all. Still getting used to it as well. It's a bit thicker than the old band, but I feel pretty and that's all that counts. ;)
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Waiting for Ronette to come home so we can go into downtown and get our rings. We bought new bands a couple of months ago and had to wait for them to be made. It's very exciting and now my ring finger won't feel so lonely and plain anymore.

And I think I'm going to make her go back to DSW so I can buy a pair of shoes. Not the $399.99 clearance ones, but another pair that I slept on and still want.

We have our final walk-through of the house Sunday evening. Woo Hoo! We're making a list of questions for the current owner because we managed to wrangle some of her time during the walk-through. It will be nice to know what the floors are and where she bought some of the fixtures and such. I don't think we'll tell her that we're ripping out her counter tops though.

OK, I guess I should go put on some better clothes for walking around Seattle.
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There is a very good reason why I am not a furniture mover. It's a pain and I'm not spatially oriented enough to manover a bulky 3 x 5 x 3 object through a 36 inch-ish doorway.

Yep, that's the sucky part of buying close-out furniture. Along with three trips (as soon as I make it out the door) to pick up furniture and having to store it in the car until next week. I'm not looking forward to moving furniture out next week, but this couch is much more comfortable than the one furnished. Bella thinks so and I believe this will probably be one of her preferred spots when we are completely in the new house.


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