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It's snowing again. What is up with Mother Nature? It was beautiful today. Bonnie and I sat out in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine. Yes, I still had to grab my sweater because it was a little chilly, but I had blue skies and sunshine and NO SNOW!!!!!

I just looked out the window and saw that there was precipitation raining *snort* from the sky. Lo and behold, what I thought was rain is snow - white fluffy flakes of snow. NOOOOOOOOO! No more, please.

All weekend, it's been snow, snow and more snow. Where is my spring? The snow has certainly curtailed most of our activities this weekend. Friday we stayed home because of snow. Saturday we all had haircuts. Melted snow on Saturday morning so that was OK. We went into Seattle for Ronette's hair. Carol and I hung out at the Experience Music Project. I love that place. And I'm excited that they are making a permanent Jimi Hendrix installation. Ronette's hair took 4 hours!!!!! So we missed going into the sci-fi side again since we were waiting for her. That's OK. The new Hendrix installation will be done at the end of the month so I want to go see what kind of changes they made to the original exhibit.

We ordered pizza Saturday night for dinner and were the last delivery of the night at 8:30 because of what? Did you say snow? Yes, of course, you are 110% correct. It was snowing and the poor delivery driver couldn't make it up the slight hill in front of the house so I gave him advice for getting back down the hill safely. And he was cute too.

Sunday we didn't get dirt like we had planned because of more snow. Off and on all day. Sticking to everything. Bonnie had a grand time of it though.

And now after my beautiful, I think the icky weather is done day I get snow.
End of story, I'm done with winter.
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This one was taken in the dark, but you can sort of see Bonnie biting at the snow last night.

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To: Mother Nature

Subject: Seattle weather

I would like to thank you for the precipitation today. It certainly does keep everything green and prevents drought conditions. However, it is officially spring and precipitation in the form of snow does not constitute spring weather. I'd like to thank you in advance for taking care of this minor detail. Warm weather and sunshine would be much appreciated.

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I woke up way too early this morning. There was a lot of light in the bedroom and the dog was whining to go out. Although that could be an excellent thing because that means spring really is right around the corner and I get to look forward to my long days of summer.

I've actually been sitting here since 6:30-ish messing on the computer. Nothing fun and exciting, just messing. I posted a few things on Craigslist yesterday and I'm hoping that the woman who called about the fire pit shows up today. I posted it last week and had no hits. However, as I told Ronette yesterday "I know how much they cost, what I'm asking is extremely reasonable. And I know if I posted it for free there would be 25 people lined up to take it. But I want cash and it can sit there for all I care". I have a pile of other things I need to post on Freecycle today.

I started plants for my garden this year. This is very exciting since with the back surgery last year, taking care of a garden wasn't in the cards for me. I already have some seedlings poking their little heads up in my "greenhouse". Yeah, I bought two seedstarter things and stuck them on the dining room table. And Ronette built a raised garden for me, which now needs about 25 bags of soil purchased for it.

OK, I'm rambling. I have nothing to say really, but I would sit here and type about anything right now.
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I love the rain here in Seattle. I hated the rain in San Francisco. Which was really strange because I LOVE rain. But the rain there is different.
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Well, it's a bit late for a white Christmas but we've got plenty of snow to go around. What fun!
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It goes, it slows, it stops and then it goes some more. What's interesting is that it's not really sticking on the ground. The sun is shining though.
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Nothing much going on here. I thought I'd just come around and post a few things.

No offers on the house yet. That's a boo! I'm hopeful for next week though. *fingers crossed* This should be a link to the listing

Still house hunting here. And we'll start car shopping this weekend. That's exciting but yucky because I don't want another car payment. However Ronette is worried because we only have one car and Seattle doesn't have public transportation the same way that San Francisco does. Really, she's worried. I've driven her to work because I might need the car. It's raining cats and dogs. I'm not going anywhere if I don't have to go.

We've got turkey day plans with our friends John and Carl. Which is nice because I don't have to cook, but a little frightening because there is a good possibility of extremely zesty, I don't know who could eat it, cranberry sauce/relish concoction that tastes like ass. Bad cranberry sauce can ruin Thanksgiving. I'll look forward to the food adventure because knowing Carl he'll have at least two dishes that he "just had to try this year".

We're going to Florida at Christmas to see Ronette's side of the family. Thank goodness we're staying with her dad. Her mom is actually asking for Christmas lists this year. It's a good thing because this means not receiving anything that will go into a Goodwill bag as soon as we get home. The best part this year is that her sister is pregnant with baby #2 and her brother just eloped which means we're out of the spotlight.

UPS delivered the mysterious rifle to our friend Donald and he has gotten some time to research it's history.

What Donald knows so far - It is a true M.1888/90 Mannlicher, not an M.1888 or M.1888 converted to M.1888/90 standards. It was made in 1891 in what is now Steyr, Austria and proofed/accepted into the Austria-Hungarian Imperial Army in Vienna. There were about 350,000 M.1888 variants built, and most of them stayed in Austria-Hungarian service until 1917. Many, but not all, of the smaller countries that succeeded the Empire replaced it with more modern rifles. There are no other European marking visible, and no markings indicating that it was originally made for export. I have an as yet unproven suspicion that it could have come here via South America after WWI. There are no American import markings, so it came into the US before 1968. It has been taken apart and re-assembled at least twice, once by someone who knew what they were doing and had a lot of similar rifles (possibly a government arsenal, but whose government?) and once by someone who had only the one rifle and could not remember exactly how it went together.

So here is the probable life history:
1891 Manufactured
late 1890's Placed in reserve service or storage (replaced by M.1895)
c1914-5 Re-issued, probably reworked and inspected at arsenal
1917 Removed from service. Used as war reparations?
?? Belgian arsenal rework? Sold to South American country?
Left in a dusty European warehouse? Re-issued in desperation in 1945?
<1968 Brought into the US.
?? Disassembled and almost reassembled (some parts are put on backward)
200? Found by You.
2006 Sent to Me

The best part is that we can all be 12 and giggle hysterically whenever he says "Mannlicher". *giggles*

And that's about all I've got. I hope everyone has a great turkey day.
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Skip if you want, it's just random stuff in the news that I want to comment about to myself.

Britney had a boy.

Dubya's approval rating is down. 6 out of 10 people believe that his actions aren't in the best interest of the country.

Ophelia is still pounding the North Carolina coast. Not good, slow storms are as bad as violent storms. Luckily, my friends and family did go inland. I'm also pleased to read that flooding hasn't been an issue like it was when Floyd (99) or Isabel (2003) hit.

Boring stuff.


Sep. 13th, 2005 11:17 am
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It's cold here today. It was nice and warm yesterday. Blast those artic breezes!

Dexter is curled up in his bed sleeping. I put his sweater on because he was shivering. Bella has found a nest of warm clean clothes. A bit disturbed since I'm cleaning while she gets her beauty sleep.

I did some birthday shopping for the nieces and nephews. Jacob turns two on Friday, so I bought him a Veggie Tales collection of silly songs. DVDs were a suggestion from Grandma. His mom and dad bought a portable dvd player to keep him entertained in the car and in church a few months ago. Apparently, they now realize that his choice of entertainment is not exactly church appropriate. He LOVES The Wiggles, but embarrassing for mom and dad. *aunt giggles helplessly* Thus Veggie Tales will now teach him silly songs to sing in church. Britt turns nine today, so a gift certificate was in order so she can go pick out what she wants. So many birthdays in September. Mom Patty is going down under. I should send a card to Christy at least. I still need to find something fun and exciting for my brother. And I think we are probably going to put together a box of Slim Jim's, Kool Aid and goodies for RTL's brother.

Which leads me to another question, what is dry body wash? I know what dry shampoo is, but I've never heard of dry body wash. If anyone has an idea, please clue me in so I know what to look for.

I am cleaning house today. I can't stand the mess anymore. Too many projects and not enough time. I'd love to hire someone to come clean the house top to bottom just once. RTL asked me last night if I would be ready if Martha showed up at the door unexpectedly. Any other day, i'd be ready, but obviously not today.

Off to scrub.
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The third day of rain in June. It's not suppose to be raining! And the weather forecasters don't know when this will stop.
I like rain, but I've had my fill of rain until November.

Rain here isn't like it is in N.C.
It rains here from November to March/April -and maybe, not very likely, but just maybe it will rain a few times during the rest of the year.
And when it rains, it's cold, gray, and rains on end until you think you can't stand it anymore. Then you get a brief reprieve and the cycle starts all over. Enough to make you tired of rain, but not enough to make you want to leave.

Rain in N.C. (insert longing sigh and smile here) I love thunderstorms in the summer and the winter and the spring and the fall and at the beach and at the mountains and you probably get the picture by now. I miss the lightning and the thunder here. Sometimes you can get a brief glimpse of lightning over the Pacific, but the occcasion is rare. (It also causes mad horrific traffic backups on the bridges.)

So it's rainy here and it sucks.
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It's June, it's not supposed to be raining in the SF Bay area. Yet two days of rain, rain, and more rain have curtailed my outdoor activities. Mother Nature needs to get with the program.

However, in the gloomy gloom of yesterday's overcast, cold wet day I decided to try my hand at making chicken and dumplings a la Grandma M. For the technical people out there, the "dumplings" are more like wide noodles and not pastry dough dumped in lumps into the chicken stock. So if you want to call it chicken and pastry, you have my permission. And let me pat myself on the back while I say "Damn, I'm good." Yummy yummy in my tummy. My mom would be so proud.

Now since this was my first attempt, I did tell RTL that we would be ordering dinner in if the chicken and dumplings tasted like ass.
Which surprised RTL because I never have back-up plans for experimental dinners. Yet, last night I was unsure of my ability to make things taste good and I really didn't want to eat comfort food that wasn't comforting. Needless to say, I surprised myself and was very pleased with the product.

Now for anyone who has eaten chicken and dumplings, you know that salt is a necessary evil in making it taste good. I had ceremoniously salted the water for the chicken stock and added the salt for my pastry dough, but I still didn't have enough salt. And so I did the Grandma thing and used the box of Morton's to "add salt to taste." I was also crossing my fingers that RTL didn't turn around and see what I was doing. Flashback to Thanksgiving 1992; the place is farm country, North Carolina. Now picture RTL dishing a pile of chicken and dumplings on a plate with a gleam in her eye as my mother waves her arms in a "stop, put it down" fashion without attracting Grandma's attention. RTL forks up some pastry and chicken, puts the forkful in her mouth, her eyes widen in shock at the taste and she swallows the bite whole and proceeds to down a glass of tea. My mother leans over and tells RTL that Grandma had literally turned the box of Morton's upside down and swirled the salt in for several long seconds. Needless to say, we didn't eat Grandma's chicken and dumplings again. But you understand why I didn't want RTL to catch me with the box of Morton's.

I pray everyday that my taste buds don't go before their time. It happened to both Grandma's and mom hasn't succumbed yet, so there is still hope.

RTL just called from work to scare the bejeezus out of me. Those of you who have known me since I was knee high to a grasshopper know that I believe that if you put your wants and wishes out into the universe, then the universe will make sure it happens. I also believe that RTL and I lead a very charmed life. However, we've also realized that sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for because sometimes you aren't quite ready to reap the rewards. That's how we got to California and that's probably how we're going to get to Europe.
So what did RTL have to say to scare the bejeezus out of me? Informal discussion with one of the big cheeses who said they are looking for someone to be director of a big client in Europe and all she had to do was "say the word." Now this also comes in with last week's conversation with a client who offered a job in Europe - all she had to do was "say the word." Good yes, but we were thinking more into the future not "just say the word" fast. It's just really freaky since every time we have a "where do you want to go next" discussion we say that we aren't going to pick anywhere because then we'll be moving in 6 months. I'm not ready to move yet, I've still got things to fix on this house. We'll be sitting down to talk about this turn of events so that we can shape the timeline more to our liking, hopefully.

Decisions, decisions.
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A moment of tribute and celebration for Anne Bancroft.

Her death is a downer on this gloomy rainy day in what is suppose to be sunny California.

The happy notes for the day are an empty plant bin and RTL picked out her own clothes to wear today. Three days straight! This could also have a lot to do with the fact that I've forced her to purge the closet. How many times did I hear " I forgot I had that" during the process. Now I just have to prevent a huge influx of new apparel for a couple of months.

I'm looking forward to the next Harry Potter book and movie installment. Still more than a month away for both, however I won't be lined up waiting for the bookstore to open at midnight and nope, I haven't pre-ordered anything.

I need to call my dear friend F and see how the baby is doing. It's just a little difficult with the time change and I don't want to call when the baby is sleeping or eating.
I need to call home as well.

And if anybody wants Dexter, well, I'm willing to send him to a home that is willing to feed him toilet paper, preferably off the roll. He has no brand preference.
You laugh all you want because you don't have to live with it. I'm tired of getting up in the morning and finding the house tp-ed inside. He's about to start sleeping in the crate again instead of his nice cushy bed. Although, I do have to laugh because he hides bits of toilet paper the way most dogs hide bones. Don't tell him that though.
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Maybe hate is too strong of a word. I'd like to sit by the pool all day (if I had a pool) and sip some exotic drink with an umbrella while the cabana boy feeds me bon bons and fans me and the gardener makes my lawn pretty and rips out mean nasty juniper hedges. Thank goodness for daydreams.

It's not the work though that bothers me. I actually kind of enjoy that part. It's the creepy crawly things, specifically the spiders.
That sounds too girly.
I know that most creepy crawly things have a purpose. I like the fact that ladybugs devour aphids and bees make honey and spiders make beautiful webs. However, I don't want to play with the bees or the spiders. Add to that the fact that I have a spider bite from October that is still healing, the spiders can go find somewhere else to play.
So not so girly at all, I've got good reason to avoid things with more than 4 legs. And no I won't play with a spider who is missing 4 legs.

So I'm stuck outside with the long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and socks. Yuck! And it's hot today. I have half of my plant debris cart left to fill and I still can't really tell that I've made a dent in the juniper. Truck and chains are sounding really good about now.
I did look to rent a chipper because I thought that I could grind the juniper and spiders up and use it as mulch. But no one rents chippers because apparently they are cheap to buy. But I don't want to buy something that I won't need after I'm done. Of course my other option is to get a dumpster from the city, but I don't want to pay for that either when I can work at my leisure and have the city pick it up every other week as part of my garbage fees. slow but steady like the tortoise.

On the very happy side, our friend GM is sending a prolific tomato plant home with RTL today. Apparently his mom planted tomatoes and they were quite prolific in her garden so she donated to GM which in turn benefits my tomato tooth because he has too many tomatoes to handle. Happy Happy Happiness. I think my dog will be happy as well. Now I've got to find a good place so Dexter doesn't devour the tomatoes off the vine.

Contemplating - a nap and what to cook for supper
Ready for RTL to come home so we can watch the rest of the 4400 and Hell's Kitchen.
Back to fighting the evil juniper.

Dont' forget to call the vet.


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