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<lj-template name="qotd" id="1401" lang="en_L I remember way back when, far enough back that my other half jokes that I remember moments from the womb. What I think is my earliest memory is my dad sucking the goldfish out of the tank. The interesting part is that I remember many details to the story that my parents don't remember. As the story goes, my dad decided to clean out the fishtank which held one lonely goldfish. I remember my mother telling him not to suck the fish out of the tank as he was siphoning the tank with a water hose. I walked back into the living room when my dad was about halfway done and asked "what happened to the fish?" Now I know that the look on my dad's face was "oh shit!", but what he said to me was "he went under the house to visit his friends". I give my dad credit though because when I asked when he (the fish) was coming back, my dad said that he would come back when he was ready - meaning "when I find one to replace him". Lots of other details that go along with it like the fact that the fishtank was sitting on top of the white bookshelf behind the green chair in the corner with the green bathmat underneath the tank. Now why do I remember all this? Not sure why it stuck initially, but I do know that is the only time my father has ever lied to me.
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Tie between "Girls just want to have fun" and "Material Girl". I was really into the girls that rocked in 6th grade. Girl Power! But I also discovered Depeche Mode that year and Crowded House and a bunch of other bands that none of my friends were listening to. I didn't like Duran Duran. Blasphemy, I know. Then again, I was the kid singing 50's & 60's pop hits word for word.


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