Sep. 16th, 2007

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Well, I knew that we had a peach tree by evidence of the butt-load (yes, [ profile] drmellow, I said butt again.) of peaches. Dad said that the other trees in the yard were definitely fruit trees but he couldn't figure out what kind. No leaves made it a bit difficult to guess at and they all three looked the same. And Ronette swore up and down that the one on the ledge smelled like a Jolly Rancher. Lo and behold, I've figured them out. One is a pear tree. Proven by the single dangling pear. That's right, I said single. Extremely odd I think. The squirrels and I fought for the right to peaches, but the squirrels didn't bother the pear tree. I probably would have figured that one out sooner if they had. The other two trees are apple trees. We are in Washington after all. It just so weird that it took all this time to discover what they were as Ronette and I had been checking them every week to see what delicious treat might be growing. And we had nothing. So all I need now is a partridge for my pear tree.
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I'm sure my adolescent years would have been much more pleasant if I'd just had the internet for this tutorial on How to Clean Your Room.

Thank you, Mr. Internet for making teenager's lives easier.


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