Jan. 28th, 2008

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I implemented weekly movie nights with Ronette as a way for some quality time together. Also, to get through this stack of movies that we have sitting here that we keep meaning to watch. We picked Friday for movie nights because that's the one day where we both look at each other and say "do we have to go out?" So Friday I went to the grocery store and bought pizza toppings and made pizza dough. I added buffalo wings to that, but I laugh because I baked them instead of frying them making our junk food night relatively healthy.

We watched The Night Listener and Not Another Teen Movie. Liked The Night Listerner, but it moved rather slowly for me. I was also surprised at how short the movie was. And I love crappy teen movies so anything that makes fun of teen movies is great. Unrated versions rule!

Saturday the plan was to head up to Everett to McCabes the cowboy bar for a little line dancing. Longbranch is a little bit too far away. However plans to do that were waylaid as we overheard a woman in the grocery store on the phone saying "You've got to be kidding me! Everett has how much snow?!?!?!?" We definitely weren't going to Everett with snow on the ground and the threat that it was suppose to snow in our area all weekend. Ended up making beef stew and inviting Carol over and watching Brokeback Mountain finally. Again, another movie that moved slow as molasses. Good, but there were a couple of scenes that were a bit too much for me. Spit scene - that's all I have to say. And it didn't snow enough to stick here.

On Sunday, Carol and I went and saw Atonement while Ronette headed into work. Long sloooowww movie. It was good, but man! what's up with the slow? I also thought the little girl in the movie needed a spanking.

Today we woke up to the snow that was suppose to be here this weekend. It's pretty. I love how snow makes everything quiet. All the schools were out today, so it's been fun to hear all the kids (little to big) scream as they slide down the hills. They've taken over the street on the side of the house. It's pretty fabulous. I want to find a sled and go down the hill. I'm also trying to get video of Bonnie playing in the snow. I have a bout 15 minutes that I'll cob together and edit, then post it later.

I also spent 3 hours on the phone with Ireland people. Thank goodness for VoIP. Lots of changes there. And they are still looking for their dog who ran away from the kennel over Christmas.

OK, I think that's about it. I have some outlets to replace.
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This one is for [livejournal.com profile] drmellow for all the bacon posts. Ronette sent this one to me this morning.



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