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I love Facebook drama. *giggles hysterically*
But mostly I love reconnecting with people that I was BFFs with in high school and remember so much about them that I'm not sure if they graduated with me.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 07:17 pm
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I have to admit that the one Christmas present that I (and Ronette since we got the same thing) opened and thought to myself "oh you shouldn't have, really you shouldn't have" is beginning to be one of my favorites. Ronette's parents gave us Slankets - the blankets with sleeves. Of course, it was pointed out that she bought these out of Skymall and not off the infomercial. Personally, I would have preferred the Snuggee version since you could get 2 for $19.95 AND 2 book lights.
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Just to show how lame I am I also stayed up way too late last night cleaning the house because I needed everything in order to begin the new year. Laugh at me will ya. Going to Vancouver to celebrate. Can't wait to eat as much sushi as I can handle because hopefully I'll have to lay off of it soon.
Lot of things to say, but just wanted to remind everyone not to have too much fun while I am computer-less in Vancouver. No, really, I mean it. This is my birthday week and I am ruling queen, no fun until Saturday.
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First of all my fridge smells.
No, no science experiment gone unnoticed.
It's the cheese Ronette brought back from France, specifically the very stinky (but very tasty) brie.
However, my "issue" at the moment is that I was vacuuming upstairs.
OK, so I wasn't vacuuming, the Roomba was vacuuming.
And I've lost the Roomba.
Really, I can't find the stupid thing.
I've looked under everything.
And she didn't go back to homebase.
And she stopped beeping.
And I've looked under everything I thought possible.
I can't find her.
This isn't good because I need to finish vaccuming.
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Ronette is in NYC and sent me an email with the subject line - OMG!!
I look at her link, I laugh and I hit reply.
Because she has set up her out of office reply I get back an email with the subject line now reading -
Out of Office - OMG!!

OK, maybe you had to be there. I just got a kick out of it.
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And now Ronette has a new boyfriend.
She's been watching way too much BBC while in Paris and has discovered a show called Creek. And now she is in love with the star Alan Davies.
Ah well, she let's me have Vincent, so she can have Alan. ;)
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I'm having lots of fun with the new location feature.
hee hee hee


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