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And because I am doing that, I thought that I would post a semi-recipe.

A while back someone suggested creamed cauliflower as a replacement for mash potatoes. So I attempted this using cauliflower as my potato replacement in the way I would normally make mashed potatoes. Yeah, no. This did not work. So, the entire deal was scrapped as a we-tried-it-and-did-not-like-it. Fast forward to an episode of Top Chef where one of the chefs makes creamed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes. And the judging chef even comments that they don't taste like cauliflower. Cream instead of milk is the secret she says.

Wednesday night I decide to test this out. The recipe on the website calls for simmering the cauliflower and 2 potatoes (yukon golds) in 2 cups of cream for 35 minutes. OK, 2 cups of cream is not going to work for me and I didn't have potatoes. Besides, it's a mashed potato substitute. I ended up simmering my cauliflower in vegetable stock and splash of milk. Put it in the food processor and added a splash of cream. They were a bit runny, I needed to add more salt but they tasted like mashed potatoes. Note to self for future reference - drain cauliflower well, simmer in less stock, test consistency before adding cream.

We decided that the ultimate test would be creamed cauliflower with meatloaf. Don't knock meatloaf because I make damn good meatloaf. I bought more cauliflower, simmered it as before with less stock and draining well. I tossed in the few leftovers from the night before with the new cauliflower. Voila! Perfect consistency and doggone tasty too. And my meatloaf was heavenly as well with homemade ketchup coating the top.

I'm going to go finish my lunch now.
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No green beer here, but a fabulous Irish dinner at Supperclub. I consulted with the Irish man on traditional Irish desserts and was told apple tart with warm custard. Well, I didn't have warm custard (unless you count the amount of Jameson's in the whipped cream) but I had beautiful, luscious apple tart. It was delicious. Pretty sure that's a fact since I have none leftover. The crust was interesting because it wasn't really a tart or pie crust but more like a sugar cookie dough. Nummy nummy!

Here's the recipe )

You can do what I did and use Google to translate the measurements. I didn't write it down as I did it and don't remember. This is definitely a labor of love to create. A delicious one though.
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I've been slacking on the new recipe thing. I've got piles of recipes to try but with a few things going on around here, it's kind of hard to get motivated. It also doesn't help that I have absolutely no taste for anything other than cereal.

However, we were invited to a supper club thing last night and the theme was soup potluck so we made Beet Borsch to take. I personally did not try any, but everyone else said it was spot on perfect.

Beet Borsch )

One of the other soups was a Basque Cauliflower soup which I will have to snag the recipe for you guys. It was WONDERFUL. Roasted cauliflower pureed into a soup with chorizo and fatty almonds. I'll have to ask about the almonds because I don't like almonds but these were different and yummy.
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I'm going to let this one count as a recipe post even though I've made it before.

I like macaroni & cheese, but all of my tries to make it from scratch have turned into garbage disposal meals. I stopped eating that stuff that comes in the little blue box because it tastes funky and moved over to Annie's. There happen to be several foods that I used to enjoy that now have a similar funky taste. Whether the taste was always there or not, I'm not sure. I'll just take it as my body telling me that I really shouldn't eat what's in the box or can. I saw a Good Eats episode with Mr. Brown making mac & cheese. Since I believe Alton can make most anything taste good, I decided to trust that his recipe would turn out edible. So I tried the Baked Macaroni & Cheese recipe. Yummy! But since Ronette really wanted the blue box stove top version, I tested Alton's Stove Top Mac & Cheese. Delicious! I keep making it because it's that good. So here's the recipe for everyone else to try.

Alton Brown's Stove Top Mac & Cheese )
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Since I have this ridiculous file of recipes that I've ripped out of magazines, I've decided that my goal this year is to try at least one new recipe a week. However, I don't think I'm going to count this one since I promised Ronette I'd bake brownies for her and opted not to use my tried and true Martha Stewart recipe. I must say this one kicks Martha's butt. More fudgey and less cakey. Plus it was a whole lot simpler in construction even if I did chop up a chocolate block instead of using the chocolate chips.

King Arthur Best Browies Ever )
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I got tired of looking for the other post about Fried Coca Cola, so I'm just going to stick the recipe here.

Use your favorite funnel cake recipe, replace liquid with Coca Cola (or your favorite coke-like beverage), fry some up (me, I'd probably use my cast iron pan with some oil in the same manner that I would make funnel cakes or fried corn bread), drain off excess oil, serve with coke syrup, whip cream and cherry on top. The part that I'm not sure about is the coke syrup. Can you buy coke flavoring in the same way that you can buy the mint and vanilla syrup shots?


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