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Preface this story with buying a Clapper (yes, that wonderful, as seen on TV product) for Ronette. Yes, I know cheesy. However, she really wanted to be able to get into bed and turn off the bedside table without reaching over and basically out of the bed to click the switch. The second night that we had it plugged in - Ronette completely satisfied with the purchase - Bonnie was startled awake by something the cat was doing. Commence the barking to alert us that there is danger. She barks in the cadence to turn the clapper on and off! Needless to say, we spent about 10 minutes of strobe lighting trying to calm the dog down and convince her that everything was OK. Thank goodness she's not a barker like Dexter.
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I bought bed risers. Not to be able to store things under the bed, but so my dog can sleep under the bed without having to do the combat belly crawl in order to get under. She still has to do a little limbo, but now without the rug burn.
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This is zucchini from my garden. It was part of dinner last night. I have lots of apples that will become applesauce & apple butter plus a ton of pears that I'm not sure how I'll can them yet. I've got tomatoes that are about to be edible and a few more things growing. But the zucchini was ready first so nom nom nom.

And this is what Bonnie has been doing in the hot melting days of summer. We bought her a child wading pool because every time you went to the hall bath, Bonnie jumped in the tub and waited for you to turn on the water. Now, she goes outside and sits in her pool.

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Firstly she is a spoiled, spoiled dog. That's the OK part. I didn't realize how much I missed having a dog. What I would like to miss is going to the vet. Bonnie has some kind of skin infection going on that is not getting better despite the topical antibiotic cream and 1 month of oral antibiotics. This is not happy making. I thought that the second round of antibiotics was doing well until this morning when I looked at the area and it was 100x worse than it was yesterday. So not cool. Off to the vet we went in search of answers today. And the vet is a bit stumped, to the point that she had all the vets working today take a look at Bonnie's armpit. Stumped. Another scraping to rule out parasites. And the only conclusion we can come to without a biopsy at this point is a resistant bacteria to current antibiotics or an allergic reaction. Tomorrow we are starting new antibiotics and the worst part is that we started a new allergen free diet today. This is bad. Really bad. Bad because we have to change food which means higher price and the possibility that she won't like the food. Luckily that's not the problem since she picked the new food out of the old in our weaning blend. We had to buy new cookies since we can't have any with meat products in them. And the worst part is that her chewies are out. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world. The only thing that she will do anything for. No more beef tendons. At least for the next 2 months and this is bad. Nylabones were suggested, so we bought two. Ain't gonna work. She thinks she can eat them. Now we're searching for a chewie substitute. And that's the drama for the week. I should take pictures of the rash - not to post - but to show the vet the progression.
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And it is not conducive to sweep or mop floors with a dog who believes it is her duty to kill the broom and mop.
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I'd really like the dog to understand that I will take her outside if she needs to potty. Or even potty on the wee wee pad. Not use the floor. However, I guess I should be thankful that she understands that the place to go potty is in the bathroom and not the living room or some other place. Although that could have more to do with her fascination of the flushing toilet.

On the happy side, we've been working on the sit command today. Food is good bribery.


Oct. 5th, 2007 04:30 pm
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I'm going to serve up some fried puppito.
I lost my internet today because of pain in my tushy.
Missy decided that chewing through the power supply cord to my Airport was a good thing.
Completely killed my network.
Finally got the ethernet to connect. Not sure what that was all about, I kept getting a nasty message that said I didn't have permission from the ISP. Then all of a sudden it works.
Now I have to figure out where to find an extra 5.1 V power cord. I had decided that I was just going to buy a new Airport, but I'm not shelling out $200 when mine will work if it has power.
Good thing puppies are cute.
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I forgot to add earlier that I believe this puppy in my house is actually part wookie.
I put her in her crate so I could go do some other things besides love on her.
And now all I hear is "grrr grrr ap ap ap grrr grrr".
And make it sound like a baby Chewbaca in your head.
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The baby comes tomorrow!!!!!!!
We pick the puppy up at the airport at 7:30 a.m.
Very excited.

12 days

Sep. 14th, 2007 01:18 pm
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We get the puppy on the 26th! Yay!
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She's made it to puppy-puppiness.

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I'm ready for all the smooshy, squishy loving that will commence.


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