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I'm posting the supperclub blog because there are some fantastic recipes

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While at Bumbershoot and flipping through pages and pages of band bios, I saw a write-up for one of the comedy shows called CoochieMajick. Of course, you can't pass up something as lovely sounding as CoochieMajick so we went. Let me tell you this was one of the best "comedy" shows that I have seen. Christa Bell is a Poetry Slam champion so that gives an idea of her style of comedy. A beautiful combination of African American church preacher mixed with rap all while talking about coochie. But since I can't completely describe the wonders of her I'm including the link to her website and also a YouTube link.

The reason why I mention Christa Bell today is because of another post about need vs. want and how some of my generation have needs that have exploded to become more of a want than the basics of what is actually needed to survive. Part of the show is about using your orgasm to access how much you want something - couldn't find a link to Christa explaining it so I'll try my best. Basically she says that your orgasm is the ultimate pleasure so you can assess your life, your wants, whatever based on where those things rank to your orgasm. Of course, anything that is on par with your orgasm would be a must have. I'm not so eloquent about it but it certainly made sense to me. How many things have I not bought in the past week because it wasn't orgasm worthy. Kind of similar to being sponge worthy.

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I have a musician friend who is making tracks for Flava Flav. Go vote for him.

Click here to vote, please">
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Obsolete Skills

What I find hysterical is that AS 400 is up there and my dad still runs one. But if you read further there is commentary that they are not as obsolete as the name makes it sound.
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This one is for [ profile] drmellow for all the bacon posts. Ronette sent this one to me this morning.

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I think using some of the recommendations in here would be good for knowing how to respect anyone.

How to Respect a Transgender Person
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A friend sent a link for Black Friday shopping ads. Online and in-store deals are included in the list. So if you haven't started your holiday shopping or you're still looking for that perfect something, check out Black Friday Ads.
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Improve your vocabulary while you "earn rice" that is donated to feed people in need.
Free Rice
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I'm sure my adolescent years would have been much more pleasant if I'd just had the internet for this tutorial on How to Clean Your Room.

Thank you, Mr. Internet for making teenager's lives easier.
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I type pretty fast, but I sucked at this.
Now I know my ABCs

I want one

Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:32 am
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How about bacon with your chocolate?

Vosge's Bacon Chocolate Bar
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Is your refrigerator running?
If it is, you better go catch it!

So you need to get out of an awkward situation or just want to show the world how popular you are, use the Popularity Dialer to get calls to your cell phone to do all that.

You only get 5 free, so use them wisely.
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OK, maybe not totally turning you on, but I just found this website. It's called Zafu and supposedly it will find the perfect pair of jeans for you (and the perfect bra.) So I just went through and filled out the info to find my perfect pair of jeans and I'm intrigued. I've never tried any of the pairs suggested, so I think I might have to give it a whirl.
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Oh my goodness, I've been on the computer since I returned home this afternoon. It started with trying to clean out the 999 messages that have been sitting in the Inbox just waiting for me to do something with them. So I did. I started deleting. And answering some. Filing some. Actually doing some surveys that have just been sitting there. Four hours later I have 12 messages. Although this does not count all of the Daily Candies that I now need to sort through. Ahhh, but I have a folder dedicated just to them.

Decided that I was actually going to bed before midnight. I figure I'll just get up earlier and do all the things I should have gotten accomplished today. Namely, clean up the pig sty of a kitchen. I believe I'll be sorting things out on the dining room table, then putting them where they belong. Anyway, I realized in my nightly rituals that it was raining and after Saturday's mishap I thought to check my car and make sure I actually closed the sunroof this time. (Yes, yes. I believe blonde is my middle name.) But I saw the bunny who lives in my yard with the frog. And it made me so happy that I wanted to share.

Good night all. And someone remind me mail these two packages tomorrow.


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