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While at Bumbershoot and flipping through pages and pages of band bios, I saw a write-up for one of the comedy shows called CoochieMajick. Of course, you can't pass up something as lovely sounding as CoochieMajick so we went. Let me tell you this was one of the best "comedy" shows that I have seen. Christa Bell is a Poetry Slam champion so that gives an idea of her style of comedy. A beautiful combination of African American church preacher mixed with rap all while talking about coochie. But since I can't completely describe the wonders of her I'm including the link to her website and also a YouTube link.

The reason why I mention Christa Bell today is because of another post about need vs. want and how some of my generation have needs that have exploded to become more of a want than the basics of what is actually needed to survive. Part of the show is about using your orgasm to access how much you want something - couldn't find a link to Christa explaining it so I'll try my best. Basically she says that your orgasm is the ultimate pleasure so you can assess your life, your wants, whatever based on where those things rank to your orgasm. Of course, anything that is on par with your orgasm would be a must have. I'm not so eloquent about it but it certainly made sense to me. How many things have I not bought in the past week because it wasn't orgasm worthy. Kind of similar to being sponge worthy.


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